Google Kids Space: features, security, devices

Google Kids Space: features, security, devices

Google's Kids Space is a new 'children's mode' created by Google for Android tablets. It is designed so the little ones in the household can safely explore the Internet and learn about the topics that appeal to them the most, in a format suitable for their age. This feature will arrive gradually on all Android tablets, so if you want to know what it is exactly about and what features it includes, then read on.

What is Kids Space?

As mentioned above, Kids Space is an educational tool for Android tablets that includes different games, applications, videos (through YouTube Kids) and books. It is aimed at children under the age of 9, and its goal is to offer them the possibility to access adapted content and to use different apps certified by Google, and without the risk of falling into adult content. Whilst creating Kids Space, Google partnered with professors and educational experts.

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In addition, there is Family Link, a parental control app which is built into the Android OS, so that parents can monitor what their children are doing on the Internet.

How does Kids Space work?

With this kid-friendly platform, children first create their own character and then set the topics they want to explore. Kids can customize their avatar by choosing the characteristics they like the most and with which they identify (like the outfits, among others). In addition, it is possible to have several accounts on the same device, with a different character for each of them.

After the avatar customization, children will get to choose their favorite topics: animals, arts, science, writing, or else. Once the configuration is done, the platform will show them content according to those areas and to their age. Furthermore, if the child’s interests change over time, it is possible to readapt the settings: just go to the Play, View, Read or Create tabs, scroll to the extreme right of the interest icons and then tap 'Change interests'.

Are children protected with Kids Space?

As we said, Kids Space works with Family Link, Google's parental control app. Kids Space only works with supervised Google accounts for children under the age of legal consent in their country of residence.

Once you set the Kids Space tool, you will be able to manage the screen time of the device, block and unblock applications, modify the settings of YouTube Kids and manage other Google services for your child's account.

What devices does Kids Space work on?

Starting this fall, Google Kids Space will be initially available on two models: Lenovo Tab M10 and Lenovo Tab HD M10 (2nd generation). Afterwards, it is expected to gradually expand to the rest of the new tablets. Because it is an Android exclusive feature, it will not be compatible with iPad, or at least not for now.

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