How to use document scanner in Google Drive on iPhone

How to use document scanner in Google Drive on iPhone

A document scanner was added to Google Drive for Android back in 2013, and now the feature is finally available on iPhones and iPads. Here's how to use it.

How to scan documents with the Google Drive in-app scanner

  • Go to Google Disc and select Files.
  • Tap the + New icon, then select the camera icon above the + icon and give it all the necessary accesses. 
  • Tap Scan and place your document in front of the camera. You can select Autoscan or manual scan and adjust the scan afterwards, if you need by cropping, rotating, and aligning it. 
  • Finally, tap Done and your document will be saved as a PDF. 

The feature is available on Android, and is rolling out to iOS users. If you haven't got it yet, you'll have to wait: such updates are rolled out gradually over several weeks.

If you have an iPhone or iPad but don't use Google Drive, you can scan documents in the built-in Notes or Files apps.

  • To do so, simply open the Notes app and create a new note.
  • Tap on the camera icon and select Scan documents.
  • Then save them.
  • You can do it also via the Files app by tapping on the three dots icon (menu) and selecting the Scan documents option. 
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