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DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, now so is the time for preparing the gifts. Sometimes it can be stressful to think of what to give to others when we are in a rush, or perhaps, on a budget. This year proves no exception and taking in account that some people won’t be able to do their holiday shopping as usual, you can avoid the crowd by preparing your own DIY Christmas gifts. They’re not only easy and budget friendly but they bring even bigger joy and thoughtfulness for your loved ones, since it’s an original Christmas gift straight from your hands. In this article we share some ideas and inspiration to help prepare a DIY Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Gift Jar

Mason Jars have become quite popular, they’re practical and environmentally friendly, have different uses and can fit pretty much everywhere around the house. Make a simple gesture by creating a gift in a jar. You can start by choosing a jar of your prefered size, you can even order a large quantity to create a small gift for more than one person. You can find Mason Jars directly on the Jar Store. Once you have your jar, play around with the decorations and how you want to present it. You can use some Christmas decorations, paper gift wrapping or colorful cords. Fill the jar with the favorite candies, cookies or snacks of your choice and perhaps add a little loving message inside the jar. Remember that there are no rules for DIY presents,and it’s always fun to be creative.


Candles are always an excellent go to when looking for a gift that can suit everyone. You can give one to your friends, coworkers or family. Candles are often used as a nice symbolic way to illuminate life in times of darkness, it has a deep and soothing effect and can bring some joy and light for those who receive them. They’re simple to make and take around one day to be ready. You’ll simply need beeswax, candle wicks, essential oils and fragrances, choose where to place your candle, it can vary from a jar or Christmas molds depending on the shape you want to give them. You can find all kinds of material for candle making available on Etsy.

Family Christmas Cookbook

Most places around the world have their own Christmas cooking traditions, and in western countries we share ancient recipes like the traditional stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce, lamb or apple pie. Every family has their own recipes as well, so as the tradition continues with old grandmothers recipes, so why not put them all together? You can collect the recipes and apply them to a nice Christmas design and have them printed for the whole family. It’s a nice and thoughtful gesture that can bring the family together also to gather around and remember the stories behind those dishes. Don’t worry about any design skills, you kind find nice templates in Shutterstock.

Christmas Scrap Photo Album

Although it sounds like an obvious alternative, creating a Christmas album can be more sophisticated and thoughtful, and it can signify a great gesture for those receiving it. Looking at old memories can help us cope with adversity as well as embracing joy in our daily lives. If you’re looking into ideas on how to do your own scrapbook, you can start by gathering pictures you wish to share with your loved ones, try to build a storyline or a theme addressing your scrapbook, perhaps of all the Christmas spent together, significant moments or funny holiday memories. You can play around with a scrapbook by decorating it using your imagination and hundreds of different accessories. This DIY gift can be really special and something that will last a lifetime, you can look for some Christmas inspiration and a good holiday discount on Scrapbook.


For the cold Christmas time (unless you’re in the southern hemisphere), knitting accessories are always a good idea. Nowadays you can design pretty much anything out of wool, from clothing garments to wall decorations in Macramé. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time doing something complicated, you can try something simple like a dreamcatcher or a pair of socks. If you’re a pro knitter you can always create a piece using the favorite colors of the person you're giving the gift to, or apply a funny phrase to keep up the spirits. There's a lot of options for brands and knitting wool supplies, we recommend you Purl Soho, where you can find all kinds of accessories and guides for beginners to pros!

Personalised Wine Bottles

Most of us all love a nice bottle of wine, particularly when celebrating the holidays. If you have trouble deciding what to give to your coworkers, employees or family members, a wine bottle is always a good idea, so how about a personalised wine bottle? You can get the bottles in advance and create a label sticker from scratch to replace the one in the bottle, you can write a loving or fun message or perhaps an invitation? Prepare wine for the whole family and more. You can find easy to use templates in Sticker You, this site allows you to design anything you want in their user friendly system so you can have a lot of fun creating your DIY Wine Bottle Sticker.

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