Make Signal Your Default Messaging App

With WhatsApp’s new data policy announcement that will come into effect in May, many users are transferring to Signal. Like other messaging apps, Signal is primarily used for messaging other users of the app, however on Android devices you can set Signal as your default SMS messaging app (this functionality isn’t available on iPhone). You will not only be able to send messages to your Signal contacts, but also send and receive messages with your phone number. In this article we give you a step by step guide to make Signal your default messenger.

How to Make Signal Your Default Messenger

To start you will need to open Signal. If you haven’t already installed Signal, download Signal here.

  • Access the menu in the top right corner of the screen (⁝)

  • Tap Settings

  • Turn on SMS / MMS

  • Touch to make default
  • Change SMS App. Select Yes, when prompted “Use Signal instead of Messaging as your SMS app”. Now all of the incoming text and media messages will arrive in the Signal app, as opposed to the default messaging app.

Photo: Unsplash

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