Alternatives to Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Alternatives to Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

If you want to find good alternatives to the most used social media and instant messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, check the very descriptive list we made for you below.

What are alternatives to Facebook?


VK is a social network created in Russia and is available in more than 90 languages. It offers many features, including messaging, story and photo sharing, and live video streams. What sets it apart from Facebook is the possibility to stream music and videos as with music streaming platforms. Also, you will gain access to a broader selection of music for a small subscription fee. VK is very popular amongst those who have problems with Facebook or who have had their accounts blocked.

Download VK for Android and iPhone here


The social network MeWe is gaining traction fast due to its main selling argument: it doesn’t collect or share users’ data. In comparison to Facebook, which is being heavily criticized for doing it. MeWe is a reassuring breath of fresh air that offers all the essential tools and features of any competitor and no advertising. You can share photos and videos, participate in groups and communities, watch videos, send messages, and communicate with friends.

To learn more about MeWe or sign up for the social network, click here


Although Diaspora doesn’t have the same attractive interface as Facebook, it is a very interesting social network that uses a system of independent interconnected servers. This allows users to still connect but with better data protection by moving the information decentralized.

For more information on Diaspora or sign up, check out their homepage.

What are alternatives to Instagram?


For all lovers of photography and those who love sharing pictures with friends and family, Flickr is the network for you. It is a video portal with millions of users worldwide that allows users to add friends and comment on your images or those of other users who participate in your communities. There is something for everyone on Flickr, and although extremely popular among photographers, independent organizations, media, political parties, and artists are all active on the platform.

Check out Flickr here.


VSCO is an excellent alternative to Instagram. The app is designed to take pictures, edit and then share them. VSCO doesn’t have the famous ‘like’ button but has a system of its own, allowing users to save the images they like in their collection.

Try VSCO by clicking here.


This social network is designed especially for photographers and lovers of photography. With over 13 million users, 500px still has a modest following but is fast growing. The key features 500px offers include the high quality of its images, not to mention its tool to create stories, and the option to sell photos online.

Access the 500px website here.

What are alternatives to WhatsApp?


Telegram is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp. It is a cloud-based instant messaging app known for its outstanding security and privacy features. Created in Russia, with safety in mind, Telegram’s messages are encrypted, and the app offers all essential tools found on WhatsApp plus some extra features. It hosts channels you can subscribe to gain updates on areas that interest you. Channel categories include Music, News, Health, Quotes, Games and Apps, and much more. Due to the possibility of storing files in your cloud, you can also send files up to 1.5 GB in size.

Sign up for Telegram here.


Signal is a communication application that enables all the essential tools of a messaging platform, including audio calls, video calls, and message communication. Easy to use, it is similar to other message services such as WhatsApp but with a key difference in that Signal uses advanced privacy technology to ensure the utmost security for its users. In addition, it uses open-source code, which is constantly being updated and improved by thousands of anonymous users. Despite not having the same attractive interface as some other messaging platforms, Telegram is on the rise. It has not stopped growing in user numbers since former CIA and NSA consultant Edward Snowden was seen using it.

Download Signal here or try the web version [].


Chinese for ‘micro-chat’, WeChat is an all-inclusive app that offers everything from chat and call functions to news, local services, fun games, and official accounts to follow. Like a mixture of social media platforms, it includes memories and moments (similar to Snapchat and Instagram), interesting accounts to follow, and all the standard functions of a messaging app such as text, photo and voice messages, location sharing, and group chats. Among the many features, WeChat features a secure algorithm for safe online payments in its mini-app store.

Download it for Android and iOS here.

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