Create WhatsApp link: with message, with name, for group

Create WhatsApp link: with message, with name, for group

Having the link to a WhatsApp account can be extremely useful if you use the application for your business. It is also very practical if you simply want to get in touch with other people more quickly and easily, without having to open your phone book and manually record your contact details. Read on to discover how you can create a WhatsApp link.

Creating a link for your WhatsApp account can help you connect with customers and enhance your brand position. When activated, the user will be automatically redirected to a conversation with your number, which also allows you to schedule standard messages to start the dialogue. By adding the link to your brand's Instagram profile, the user can start chatting with you directly and with a single click, without having to save your number or you having to open the WhatsApp app.

This option is available to all users, although it is best used for commercial accounts because by posting your number link online, you allow anyone to access your account and send you messages.

The process of creating a link for WhatsApp is extremely simple. You can even create it manually. Here is the form to follow:

This way, you only need to exchange the information you include in Your Number with the person you wish to communicate with. Don't forget that you need to insert the international calling code (see international dialing codes here) or your area code (regional prefix).

Note: don’t add spaces or the '+' symbol before the number.

This WhatsApp technology also allows you to insert a standard message into your conversations with customers and others. This default message will allow a user who enters a conversation with you through your WhatsApp link to receive a quick, automatic response. If you would like to add a message, just make a small change to the format of the link. This is a form to follow:

For example, if your phone number is 123123123 and you want to insert the message "Hello, nice to meet you". As the link cannot contain any spaces, you must replace the spaces with the sequence %20. In this case, your link will look like this:

If you want to do all this manually, several free WhatsApp link generators are available on the Internet, where you only have to insert some data to create a link. Most link generators allow you to customize the link name with your name. One of the most popular services is Create WhatsApp Links

Fill in the gaps, submit your telephone number and message, and click on Preview. If you are satisfied with the final link, click on Generate link.

The link will then appear, and you will only need to copy and share it on your social networks and with your contacts or clients to facilitate their communication with you.

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