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  • Trouble logging in Closed

    Hello, When I try to log in it says I've been blocked, as well as saying it was considered harrasment. All I was trying to do was log in. Can you p...

    Jenny | Network | Latest reply: kieferschild Apr 1, 2011
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  • Flickering Router Lights? Closed

    So, we live in a rental house, so our internet is wired ethernet. Previously we had no problems, but when we needed to do a reset because of an issue ...

    kels | Network | Latest reply: jamietomo Apr 1, 2011
    1 reply
  • my lap top can not find my wifi 5100 device. Closed

    Hello, my lap top can not find my wifi 5100 device, it that my usb device which has attached to this computer it has malfunctioned and windows does ...

    george | WiFi | Latest reply: kieferschild Mar 31, 2011
    1 reply
  • Computer won't allow me to log on Closed

    Hello, Was trying to link computer to computer rebooted and now it will not allow me to log back on please help Configuration: iPad / Safari ...

    Cherry | Network | Latest reply: brianwhitt77 Mar 31, 2011
    1 reply
  • How to connect Internet to PC from Mobile Closed

    Hi, I Have Micromax X360 Mobile. I need to connect internet to my Laptop from my cell. I have Aircel GPRS in my cell & I tried to connect, but it'...

    Ganga | Network | Latest reply: brianwhitt77 Mar 31, 2011
    1 reply
  • Remote Desktop Connection Closed

    Hello, I have a netbook with windows starter and a laptop with windows ultimate, I could use remote desktop connection using my netbook and lapt...

    Joy | Network | Latest reply: Joy Mar 30, 2011
    6 replies
  • Wireless networking Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have LAN at my office and all Pcs are connected to the server via switch and internet is running but my boss want to add two more Pcs or...

    johnny | WiFi | Latest reply: Miyamoto Musashi Mar 30, 2011
    2 replies
  • How to connect two PC using LAN cable for RA2 Closed

    Hello, Please help me. I have a network problem. How to connect two PC using LAN cable for Red Alert 2 computer game. I don't know how to solv...

    SE | Network | Latest reply: Miyamoto Musashi Mar 30, 2011
    1 reply
  • increase download speed of idea netsetter Closed

    Hello, my name is abhishek .i live in varanasi,up. i'm using idea netsetter. i purchased it on 23rd january 2011. i'm using windows 7. but iam g...

    knightabhishek | Network | Latest reply: SE Mar 30, 2011
    1 reply
  • my wireless key is not working Closed

    Hello, my wireless key no longer works since i got my new samsung m7 hard drive installed & i cant set up my laptop wireless at all, could you ple...

    HUGHES-PC | WiFi | Latest reply: bionik Mar 30, 2011
    4 replies
  • Cable router needs reseting Solved/Closed

    Hello, My netgear cable router (cg814wg) is linked to another account, is there any way I can clear the info on the router thats blocking the inte...

    Rich | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Mar 29, 2011
    1 reply
  • wireless problem in lenovo laptop Closed

    Hello, hi my laptops is lenovo 7757...the problem is it doesnot show any wireless available networks which are available in the other laptops. i have...

    milu | WiFi | Latest reply: kieferschild Mar 29, 2011
    3 replies
  • Trouble with Acer Netbook Network Connection Closed

    Hello One day I started up my Acer netbook and there was no longer the little computer icon on the bottom of the screen. I went to Network connection...

    zikey | Network | Latest reply: Shaz Mar 26, 2011
    2 replies
  • Pairing mode on an orange router wifi ipod problems Closed

    Hello, Hi all, I've tried all the tips below but still cannot connect my Ipod to my Orange WIFI router. My Mac connects seamlessly but when i ent...

    ElCox | WiFi | Latest reply: xpcman Mar 26, 2011
    1 reply
  • Changing the router password Solved/Closed

    Hello, i want change my pasword , how is setup pls sho me aesy to settings

    rasthu | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Mar 26, 2011
    1 reply
  • File sharing in windows 7 Closed

    Hello, hey hi everyone , I am using a dell laptop with windows 7 , desktop with xp , i do have internet of broadband connection to both o...

    tgtersiri | Network | Latest reply: jack4rall Mar 26, 2011
    1 reply
  • Mapped Drive Password Prompt Closed

    Hello, Just wanted to know, if there is a way to make this happen. I want the users to enter a username and password everytime they open / acce...

    DJ | Network | Latest reply: kieferschild Mar 24, 2011
    1 reply
  • HP DV9000 Internet Problems Solved/Closed

    Hello, Recently got a malware infection which effectively shut down my internet - LAN & WLAN. Tried everything, spent two hours on HP chat with ...

    moonlightats | Network | Latest reply: bionik Mar 24, 2011
    1 reply
  • Lan wire connection between windows xp and windows 7 Closed

    Hello, i m having a laptop with windows 7 desktop has windows xp as its can i connect the two using lan cable(for gamin...

    suraj | Network | Latest reply: jack4rall Mar 24, 2011
    1 reply
  • Help Network controller software need downlo Closed

    Hello, i have the same problem I need help!!! Not very computer savvy. Network controller on device manager has yellow sign beside it. Don't know wh...

    asianinvasion87 | Network | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 23, 2011
    9 replies
  • Networking Windows 7 and Win XP issues Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have been reading all the forum posts and trying all the suggestions, so happy for all the people who had success, while had no luck. I t...

    dougalco | Network | Latest reply: dougalco Mar 22, 2011
    2 replies
  • will my connections work Closed

    Hello, hey my name is leibert fernandes please help. i am having a router (4 Ethernet ports )and i have a switch with 24 ports........ now the sce...

    lee | Network | Latest reply: kieferschild Mar 22, 2011
    1 reply
  • Why i cant connect to my dlink router Closed

    Hello, I installed a d link router. I set up everything and my laptop Gateway say the signal is excellent and that Im connected but im not. Help me ...

    Mony | Network | Latest reply: jack4rall Mar 21, 2011
    1 reply
  • If i shut down computer then try to reconnect wireless will not work? Closed

    Hello, In the last few days if any of our laptops are not booted up and waiting to get on first thing no one else can join (Wii) unless we reset rou...

    Frustrated | WiFi | Latest reply: Simi Mar 19, 2011
    2 replies
  • wireless connection Closed

    Hello, facing the problem of wireless connection(with bsnl wi-fi model) of dell inspiron laptop 1440(window7).how coul;d it be solved?

    sr | WiFi | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 18, 2011
    1 reply
  • Internet Closed

    Hi, How to connect two computers to each other without a router or switch?can anyone guide us. Thank you

    sady01 | Network | Latest reply: jack4rall Mar 17, 2011
    1 reply
  • Linking a computer to the internet Solved/Closed

    Hello, my current set-up is a windows 7 with a wireless connection to the internet, next to it is a Windows Xp with a Ethernet connection to the Windo...

    Kurt | Network | Latest reply: GeorgeRattel Mar 17, 2011
    3 replies
  • Can't access (wireless) internet anymore Closed

    Hello, I have a Dell Studio xps 33 that can no longer connect (wirelessly) to the internet. I click on CONNECT TO... and find my wireless network. ...

    JD | WiFi | Latest reply: raverkillr Mar 17, 2011
    1 reply
  • How can i connect a laptop to computer without any network devices Closed

    Hello, I have a laptop and computer both.. and i have connected to my laptop to internet by MTNL data card. But i want to coneection in both laptop ...

    Rashid | Network | Latest reply: raverkillr Mar 16, 2011
    1 reply
  • Computer cant connect to wifi internet Closed

    Hello, I just bought a new Netgear wifi router and set it up. My laptop connects to it but it wont allow internet access. When i try to diagnose t...

    hutchman | WiFi | Latest reply: vasu Mar 15, 2011
    1 reply
  • Setting up server, router and rest of network Solved/Closed

    Hello, Need some help with setting up a network correctly. Ok, my boss has asked me to setup the server in our depot workshop for use over the i...

    Oppos | Network | Latest reply: ben Mar 14, 2011
    2 replies
  • How to change network settings from g to n Closed

    Hello, I am trying to figure out why my internet speed has changed from 300mbps to 54 mbps i am using a linksys dual band wireless N usb adapter a...

    sheri | Network | Latest reply: jack4rall Mar 14, 2011
    1 reply
  • Bundle two Dial-up networks Closed

    Hi there, Please help me to fix the following issue. I'm using two Dial-up networks with two mobile ISP providers (Airtel,Idea) th...

    Ghost@ | Network | Latest reply: pcsces Mar 11, 2011
    1 reply
  • i need the network key of alcatel ot-222 Closed

    Hello, I just got a alcatel oT-222 phone and is was requestin for network key, pls can u help me

    mimi | Network | Latest reply: pcsces Mar 11, 2011
    1 reply
  • please help with wireless connection Closed

    Hello, My neighbor and I have connected a wireless card to my PC. Since then everything seems good as far as signal (full strength). i see my neig...

    savir2812 | WiFi | Latest reply: jack4rall Mar 10, 2011
    1 reply
  • Linksys wireless router not working Closed

    Hello, I am having trouble getting my laptop computer to pick up my home wireless signal. It will pickk up every other wireless network in the area,...

    Runner | Linksys | Latest reply: jack4rall Mar 10, 2011
    1 reply
  • yahoo mail language problem Closed

    Hello, I have some problem with my yahoo mail. my yahoo mail is in france but i want to change it in English please help me to change it because ...

    sohail Ahmadi | Network | Latest reply: kristain Mar 7, 2011
    1 reply
  • Bluetooth Driver Installation Problem Closed

    Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 and I formatted its windows cuz it was 64-bit and I wanted 32-bit so now I can't install bluetooth in it it sa...

    Imran | Network | Latest reply: Imran Mar 4, 2011
    2 replies
  • Wireless Network is connected but cannot surf Solved/Closed

    Please help, I have a problem on my laptop which cannot surf the net even if im connected to the wireless router. It says connected and but however I ...

    lawry89 | WiFi | Latest reply: Tam Mar 4, 2011
    11 replies
  • New router, older computer Closed

    Hello, my old Linksys router got wet so I had to purchase a new one which was of course the new model. I tried to set up the new router last night but...

    Pete | Network | Latest reply: djsmurf Mar 3, 2011
    1 reply
  • netgear n 300 wireless Closed

    Hello, I am trying to put a security code on my wireless, due to I had to reset my unit. Can u please assist me by giving me the directions to d...

    Butterfly | WiFi | Latest reply: djsmurf Mar 3, 2011
    1 reply
  • Need a lot of help connecting to wireless Closed

    Hello, Basically you will have to help me out a lot here as I'm pretty new to all of this. Okay so I received a newly custom computer from my u...

    Alex-Wilson | WiFi | Latest reply: jack4rall Feb 27, 2011
    1 reply
  • NetGear Router Issue Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am having a problem with my netgear router I bought a couple weeks ago. Basicly this is what is happening. I have recently upgrade Netgear ...

    Shade16 | Network | Latest reply: finerworld Feb 24, 2011
    11 replies
  • required HCL Infinity 9200 GM WiFi drivers Closed

    Hello, I am not able to locate wifi drivers for HCL Infinity 9200GM Laptop. Please guide . Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.0

    Nipsr | WiFi | Latest reply: pcsces Feb 24, 2011
    1 reply
  • connect two computers using a switch Closed

    hello sir, I want to connect two computers using a switch. the operatting system in that ttwo computers are windows XP, so what will I do, please gui...

    sunny | Network | Latest reply: pcsces Feb 24, 2011
    1 reply
  • voice call in yahoo mess 10 Closed

    Hello, need help. voice call in yahoo messenger 10 is not working. already tried to reinstall but still the same problem. tried in other pc too i...

    joe | Network | Latest reply: nasanni Feb 23, 2011
    4 replies
  • No Wireless Network Icon/Option in Network pg Closed

    Hello, I know how to configure wireless on my laptop, but for some reason the ICON itself is missing. That is in the page Network connections there ...

    Pramod | WiFi | Latest reply: jack4rall Feb 23, 2011
    1 reply
  • computer network Closed

    Hello, i am pooja plz tell me about network scaling-no.of computers,distance,software,speed,special requirement and tell me about selecting and des...

    pooja | Network | Latest reply: ma se kind Feb 22, 2011
    1 reply
  • acer aspire one 532h-2dr wifi problem Closed

    Hello, i have a acer aspire one 532h-2dr but my wifi acess is gone and i dont have a installer will you pls give me a installer...???

    eugene | WiFi | Latest reply: Saman.tha Feb 22, 2011
    1 reply
  • Please help - I'm Wireless! Closed

    Hello, I have just changed my ISP have tried to enable wi-fi but can only get it on my Vaio via the Ethernet cable - so not wireless then!!! Wi...

    simmo | WiFi | Latest reply: Simmo Feb 21, 2011
    5 replies