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  • windows explorer has encountered please need to close Closed

    i installed one pc for Hp deskjet printer3540 after i try to print,its printed no prblm,i share this printer, i go another pc,to get the sharing pri...

    arsath | Latest reply: xpcman May 10, 2015
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  • blue screen error dumping physcal file Closed

    Hello, dear,sir i have a problem in yesterday window start normaly and r repair error then i do repair window xp and slove the problem but toda...

    surinder singh | Latest reply: vioio May 9, 2015
    5 replies
  • how to change password in windows xp Closed

    Hello, I once set up a password for my administrator but now i forgot the password ,i tried to change by the safe mode with command prompt method b...

    Ramzu | Latest reply: vioio May 9, 2015
    2 replies
  • how to remove write protect from pen drive with windows xp Solved/Closed

    Hello, how to remove write protect from pen drive with windows xp

    ramesh | Latest reply: Computertech May 7, 2015
    1 reply
  • Pen drive not show Closed

    Hello, I am using xp sp2 my pen drive not show but this pen drive show on windows 7 Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 37.0

    saurav | Latest reply: Ambucias May 5, 2015
    1 reply
  • i need help to upgrade my window xp laptop Closed

    Hello, i seriously need a response Configuration: / Opera 9.80

    emmynettwizy | Latest reply: thedarknight22 May 5, 2015
    1 reply
  • i don't remember my windows xp password and administrator passwo Closed

    Hello, i tryed the f8 safe mode trick and its still asking for a password. the previous owner of my desk top computer change the administrator passw...

    dee | Latest reply: Ambucias May 5, 2015
    1 reply
  • my computer won't start in windows xp PRO Closed

    i did a bit of deleting and updating and I changed the way my computer was going to start (changed users ) I also changed to blue welcome screen no...

    Rysiek | Latest reply: xpcman May 2, 2015
    1 reply
  • Still cant access START after safe mode enabled to access xp Closed

    Hello, when i start my pc in 'safe mode' it still aaks me for admin password and there is no 'start' icon to click so i am still stuck any ideas?? ...

    Evelyn | Latest reply: Tim May 2, 2015
    1 reply
  • fatal error Closed

    Hello, At start after booting my system always display thing message Failed to get proc address for getlogicalptocessor information kernel 32.DLL pl...

    ossieka | Latest reply: Tim May 2, 2015
    2 replies
  • Problem instaling windows xp Closed

    Hi there guys!! I have one little problem . i was trying to instal win xp over win 7 ultimate i changed SATA configuration from bios to P-ATA tha...

    Mihai.Panturu | Latest reply: xpcman May 2, 2015
    5 replies
  • error -file not found Closed

    Hello, my name is jayanth, my windows reporting that "presetup.cmd"not exist in the i386 folder on uxpcd

    jayanth | Latest reply: xpcman May 1, 2015
    1 reply
  • Windows Explorer error in Windows XP SP3 Closed

    PLEASE HELP!! I've been encountering this error lately. Every time I open a window and browse through the folders, I get this error message: " Windo...

    asscovered | Latest reply: asscovered Apr 30, 2015
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  • the usb is not working Closed

    Hello, my usb is not really working i dont know why

    lawrence | Latest reply: Computertech Apr 29, 2015
    1 reply
  • Unmountable boot volume error school work due Closed

    Hello, Blue screen . Unmountable boot volume error dont have the hard drive disk what do i do Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 28.0.1500.94

    tyler | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 26, 2015
    1 reply
  • forgotten log in. Closed

    Gday If i do this because i have forgotten my login password in XP professional will it erase all my files etc? Open command prompt, and paste the be...

    Karrots | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 26, 2015
    1 reply
  • solution to my winodow xp Closed

    Hello, I have been with my sysem since all this while and working fine,then suddenly i t just stop coming up what can i do Configuration: Windo...

    olamzy.ART | Latest reply: xpcman Apr 23, 2015
    1 reply
  • Safe mode Closed

    Hello, my windows xp starts in safe mode and when pressing enter to go to windows it starts again and so it keeps going on..what could be the pr...

    Jan | Latest reply: MaxStart Apr 21, 2015
    1 reply
  • Please insert a disk into drive H:. Solved/Closed

    Hello, Please insert a disk into drive H:. Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 42.0.2311.90

    mahaboob | Latest reply: carminabigue Apr 21, 2015
    1 reply
  • Gateway netbook Windows XP Closed

    Hi, I apologize in advance, I am not very computer literate. I have a Gateway netbook that won't go passed the user log in screen. I can only access ...

    Anna_TX | Latest reply: Anna_TX Apr 20, 2015
    3 replies
  • omg i try an try gateway build in celeron i am in cant restore f Closed

    Hello, please help two week trying can't afford disk in window advance menu can't find restore to clear so I can use my compute please Configur...

    judy | Latest reply: xpcman Apr 13, 2015
    1 reply
  • Cant get my xp to re activate after repair Solved/Closed

    Hello, okay I was using a program that crapped out, I restarted my computer to a black screen so I did a repair the second one using my xp pro cd and ...

    sue | Latest reply: sam123 Apr 13, 2015
    3 replies

    I have a compaq laptop. i was using windows xp. I installed SEVEN REMIX XP to make xp look like seven. I restarted it as i was said to. when it sta...

    Manoj.P.Kumar | Latest reply: Manoj.P.Kumar Apr 12, 2015
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  • Forgot administration password Closed

    Hello, I forgot my admin password so I can't log in my computer. When I go to safety mode, I still need my admin password. What do I do to retriev/cha...

    Debs | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 12, 2015
    1 reply
  • Hi guys please help...XP blue screen Closed

    hi.. i've got blue screen after windows logo. so i tried to format it but i can't.. i tried using CD's but it won't read..i've placed the CD...

    ONE PIECE | Latest reply: ONE PIECE Apr 12, 2015
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  • RealTek AC'97 no sound device intalled Closed

    Hello, I think I have deleted my sound device (RealTek AC'97) on my computer (desktop) by mistake and now I have no sound at all on my computer. How c...

    francisco0210 | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 10, 2015
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  • passcord authentication system i dont know Closed

    My Dell D630 latitude I don't know my authentication password can u give me Dell's default one please

    lisabright | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 10, 2015
    1 reply
  • acer modem stopped going to sleep, how do I correct it? Closed

    Hello, Acer modem stopped going to sleep, how do I get it into sleep mode? Configuration: Windows 7 / Mozilla 11.0

    Kitty | Latest reply: repunzel Apr 9, 2015
    2 replies
  • symbols for English Closed

    Hello, What are the symbols in Chinese for English-language . I'm trying to change laptop. I was able to get English in keyboard setting but ever...

    bettyboop482 | Latest reply: xpcman Apr 9, 2015
    1 reply
  • unable to booting Closed

    Hello, My system xp2000 is not starting. And also unable to 'boot' or run 'safe mode' Whenever I want to run the bootable CD it's showing select ...

    Partha | Latest reply: Computertech Apr 9, 2015
    1 reply
  • windows problem Closed

    Hello, i had a problen in installing windows as my pc is not turning on cd/dvd drive is not detected what should i do now.....?

    sunny | Latest reply: Computertech Apr 8, 2015
    1 reply
  • please help... BLUE SCREEN after windows logo... Closed

    a few weeks back.. i installed a CD/DVD - Rom on my "still working" computer.... then after i tried to turn it on.. the blue screen occured..i can't ...

    gabriel91359 | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 5, 2015
    5 replies
  • Please Help.. blue screen after logo and can't format Closed

    Hi Guys... please help.. i get blue screen after windows logo. So i decided to format my computer, i don't need the files in there so it's ok. ...

    Gabriel12345 | Latest reply: ONE PIECE Apr 5, 2015
    7 replies
  • app is not open Closed

    hello, in my computer i start antivirus satup but it give no response or not open.

    yash | Latest reply: Computertech Apr 3, 2015
    1 reply
  • Partition and Sound Driver Closed

    Hello, i want to partitioned my hard drive which have only one partition C... but i want at least four parts... anyone who can tell me such a action c...

    Hassi | Latest reply: Computertech Apr 2, 2015
    1 reply
  • video gets stuck Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 36.0 I my system video get's stuck........ When i use vlc, gom, kmplayer,k-lite code pack too....

    siva | Latest reply: siva Mar 29, 2015
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  • I cannot hear sound in my system Closed

    Hello, I cannot hear sound in my system please help me now Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 41.0.2272.101

    venki | Latest reply: jack4rall Mar 29, 2015
    1 reply
  • Microsoft Money restore that lost period of time Closed

    I recently lost data in my Microsoft Money from 9/8/14 to 3/5/14 and did not have a backup file for it. Is there any way I can restore that lost peri...

    JAGFAN116 | Latest reply: JAGFAN116 Mar 28, 2015
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  • data recovery Closed

    sir my window xp currupt my all data situated in c drive how i recover my data

    harish | Latest reply: jack4rall Mar 27, 2015
    1 reply
  • computer restarting contisuniously Closed

    Hello, i stall window xp black in my pc but now when i open computer it normally open but after 10-15 sec. to automatically restart while after ins...

    Raj | Latest reply: carminabigue Mar 25, 2015
    1 reply
  • NTLDR Closed

    What does the initials NTLDR IS MISSING on my dell laptop (8 or so yrs.old..)

    jackhammer | Latest reply: kieferschild Mar 20, 2015
    1 reply
  • connect mobile Internet to my computer Closed

    Hello, How I can connect my sony Xperia z with my computer touse my mobile Internet in computer in my computer there was no wifi or Bluetooth So...

    mahi | Latest reply: jackhammer Mar 20, 2015
    1 reply
  • can install windows Xp on aspire E1-570G Closed

    Hello, Can I install windows Xp on aspire E1-570G ?

    aa | Latest reply: Computertech Mar 19, 2015
    1 reply
  • for install windows xp blue sceen of some text Closed

    Hello, i am new here, i couldn't installed windows xp because when i installed xp it shows a blue sceen of some text. so please help me how can i in...

    Ankita | Latest reply: jack4rall Mar 17, 2015
    1 reply
  • bvc library one system password is forgotten Closed

    Hello, in bvc library one system password is forgotten plz help me ....u hav given 1 trick that is not working.... Configuration: Windows XP ...

    bvc odalarevu | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 17, 2015
    1 reply
  • forgotten administrator password on windows xp Closed

    forgotten administrator password on windows xp..... please help

    jayvee | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 15, 2015
    1 reply
  • Bluetooth Drivers Closed

    How do I check out my XP Bluetooth and really upgrade the drivers part to make it work the right way?

    Megakbyrne | Latest reply: Megakbyrne Mar 13, 2015
    2 replies
  • problem in window during installation Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 41.0.2272.76 actually i have problem during installation so can you help me.

    ankur mishra | Latest reply: Computertech Mar 9, 2015
    1 reply
  • promble solved Closed

    Hello, my win xp pc have does not start on any mode and its restart automatically Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0

    swapnil | Latest reply: Computertech Mar 7, 2015
    1 reply
  • Hibernation Closed

    Hello, My computer went into hibernation mode and shut down I cannot get it to come back on How do I turn the computer back up I remove the battery...

    Chewie | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 5, 2015
    1 reply