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Windows xp install problems

Hello, Recently my computer was having issues so I started to uninstall a bunch of programs , when I Restated my system it showed that a file was m...

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Gateway desktop, ps2 keyboard, usb mouse does not function.

Hello, Hey guys I'm working on a Gateway Desktop running windows xp, They shut the computer down and when the booted it back up the next morning the...

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Derek D.

No task bars on desktop


my laptop could not appear any task bars and no menu bar on desktop just turn on with sceern saver

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Ntldr is missing for windows xp professional

I have a Dell Precision M4300 running MS Windows XP Professional. When I try to boot I get the message: "NTLDR is missing. Press Ctl + Alt + Del to st...

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Hello, i want download utorrent Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 32.0.1700.76

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Blue screen error while installing windows xp in hp mini110-1109

hi i am using hp mini 110-1109nr , i am unable to install xp , while installing i am getting blue screen error pls give me a solution thnks

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How to delete some files and folders?

Hello, I have a problem that can't delete folders in my computer. When I delete these folders, the message appear "Cannot delete 2784921086: The d...

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Hsu Linn

Screen color setting menu appear again and again

Hello, When i start my system, most of time Screen Color Satting menu appear. I close it but is appear again and again, please help....

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I have sony pcg-71311m and i want to install windows xp

hello and hi to every one. can any body help me i have SONY VAIO PCG-71311m, with windows 7 i want to to install WINDOWS XP but all the time i trie...

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I can't install windows xp in sony laptop


dear sir, my name is sudha, i purchased sony vaio vpceb34en with windows 7, when iam installed windows xp it will shows blues screen and it will...

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Windows xp sp3 dell 9200 inspiron

This machine is corrupted and I need to restore the computer. Windows installer is missing some DLL's and won't work. I have ctl F11 numerous times...

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Frank Haas

I'm told my windows xp is corrupr

Does it make sense to install it again or should I install something new?

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Blue screen at bootup windows xp pro


Hello! I need some help if possible. I have Windows xp pro and I'm getting the blue screen on boot up just as it finishes and begins to open widows. ...

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Windows xp automatic updates not working


Hello, My computer will not allow me to turn on the windows automatic updates. Part of the issue was that I found out that I had a virus so I was a...

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Trouble downloading photos from a storage device

I'm having trouble downloading photos from a storage device. When I click on the Computer icon,,Removable Storage Devices E F or G do not show anymore...

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Only wallpaper is visible but no icons are displayed

till yesterday my laptop was working right but today when i logged into it i got only wallpaper but no any icons on the wallpapers which were previous...

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No sound when windows xp was reinstalled


Hello, My laptop recently conked out and I took it to a repair place to have it fixed. Since I was primarily concerned with getting the internet w...

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.exe file not working..

In my acer laptop( windows xp professional OS) , the .exe file is not working.. - i cannot run services.msc, msconfig & i cannot even run the system...

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Windows xp home edition installation cd


Is there anywhere I can get a free download for XP Home Edition full version? Our IT never gave us the CD and one of our systems needs it. Thanks!

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I am prompted activate windows after several years of daily use?

I purchased my computer several years ago with XP Pro installed. After successfully using this system for several years now on a daily basis for onlin...

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Upgrading and installation


i put an xp cd into my computer drive and it stated installing. when it reached the installation stage it displays dump physical memory. and it has af...

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Reading pdf file

whenever i tried to open a pdf attachment in e mail in window xp the file gets downloaded but opens up in a small window tilted "file conversion" in a...

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Windows xp on reboot loop, f8 doesn't work. how can i fix this?

So basically, I did a system restore/re-installed windows XP from a disk. It all went smoothly, until I noticed it would restart after the splash scre...

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Usb not recognized on xp

When USB flash drive is inserted it does not show up in my computer, but if I click safley remove mass storage device it shows up there

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Reinstalling windows xp acer aspire one


Hello, Last weekend, I bought an Acer Aspire One D-150. I decided to put Windows 7 on it. I can not find a copy of Acer's eRecovery Management anyw...

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Computer will not turn on

Puter will not Turn ON??!! Upon booting up fans spin,recieves a Start in safe Mode etc... Yet nada?!! Unable to access ICONS or Start button?!!.... PL...

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Repeated messages appearing in sent box


The same 5 messages I've sent in recent weeks are appearing in my "sent" box, with me as the recipient, at the rate of about 100 per hour, several pag...

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Password and security question forgotten

i forget password and securty question my yahoo id .i want to open i have many important mails in my id.

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Setup did not find any hard disk on your computer

I am trying to install Windows XP on an Asus PC 900HA but setup cannot find the hard drive

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Flash disk write protection

Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 31.0.1650.57 my 4g sandisk is wright protected, how can I remove wright protection, and what makes ...

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Dell boot

I have a Del desk top with windows XP. The pc will power up but will not go beyond displaying F2 & F12. I can open either F2 or F12 but do not what to...

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Blue screen

my system suddenly applied a blue screen operating system is windowsxp sp2.

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Windows could not start because the following is missing or corr

hello people iv recently decided to take my hp tower, apart for a dust out, its how it was before only i keep getting a message when i start it up! i...

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Toshiba satellite c850-p0012. no bluetooth menu

I bought a new TOSHIBA Satellite C850-P0012. No bluetooth menu in the control panel. How can I set up bluetooth in it?

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Lavinia kamasunga

Laptop freezing

My laptop will turn on and go's to load up but won't do anything after the Windows xp loading page if anyone can help me i will be gratefully

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No audio device installed

Hello, My Toshiba satellite C665 P5012 laptop had a serious trouble of HDD being corrupted a week ago and i have a new one installed. Now its load...

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A disk read error ctrl+alt+del to restart

My PC displays the following: A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart Doing that just repeats the same: Splash screen and same e...

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Unbale to install xp in win7

Hello, sir i am facing problem with my system cant install win xp in over win 7 when setup or boot from CD always show blue screen and like...

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Tried to reinstall windows xp on my desk top after pc failure

yesterday spotify failed and I restarted my computer only to get a message that windows was not a legal copy - I have only been using it about seven y...

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I'm not able to access bios and and i lost the log in password.


Hi, I'm using IBM-P4 thinkcentre with windows XP SP3. I'm not able to access BIOS. Because during booting the keyboard will not work. And i lost...

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Control panel

my pc is not showing the control panel,when i click my name on the top of the start menu it shows the restriction dialog box pls help me to get contro...

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I have problem in installing windows xp in my pc

i have a serious problem with my pc.first of all windows xp automatically log off just after log in.2nd problem is that keyboard doesnt work until log...

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Windows not working

Urgent! Please help, my pc windows xp will just not start.pc is giving me options of restart pc or go to safe mode but non of them worked. What to do...

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Xp blank screen ctrl alt delete not working!

Hello, As you can see, my desktop has suddenly turned into black screen of death. I have read all the suggested answers here but these arent worki...

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How to make xp bootabile pendrive

pls give me process

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Blue screen error in windows xp

Hello, Dear Sir I have one problem in 3 systems.I install win xp after some time a blue screen error during set up.I change the RAM,HDD. But ...

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Opening folder on double click

sir in my pc (windows xp 32 bit)drives and folders are not opening on double click how do i resolve this problem without losin any data present in all...

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Installation problem with windows xp sp3 on dell inspiron 6000

Hello I'm hoping you can help with an issue I'm having with my old dell inspiron 6000. I recently dug out the computer - it's in great shape actual...

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Zohaib R

Where can i download windows xp professional


Hello, Please help me that i want to download windows xp professional through internet but cannot find anything. If you have any link for this...

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How to download the bios updater my toshiba satillite a300


Hello, anybody can tell how to update bios and tell the how to download the bios updater. now am using win xp before am using win 7 both are pblm...

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