How to play Halo Infinite in split-screen multiplayer co-op

How to play Halo Infinite in split-screen multiplayer co-op

Beginning September 2022 the Halo gamers community was hugely shocked by a 343 Industries announcement, confirming that they won't be adding split-screen co-op functionalities to Halo Infinite. Yet, fortunately enough, a Halo fan discovered a glitch to acces the mode in an unofficial way. This walkthrough explains how to do it.

Will Halo Infinite get a spit-screen co-op mode?

When Halo Infinite launched to the public on November 15, 2021, developer 343 Industries made a promise to its fanbase, saying multiplayer split-screen would be added to the game at a later stage. However, 343 Industries did not not fulfill its promise, as the implementation of the mode has now been entirely cancelled. The announcement caused great disappointment among millions of Halo fans around the globe. 

How to unofficially play Halo Infinite's split-screen co-op mode?

First of all, we would like to remember you that the below explained proces was accidentally discovered by a Halo fan. There appears to be a glitch in Halo Infinite, making it possible to enjoy couch co-op with a friend in an uncertified way. That is, split-screen co-op is not officially supported, and it is important to bear in mind that you may run into some constraints while using the mode. Gamers have reported minor bugs and glitches for example. Enjoying a multiplayer split-screen gaming session is only available on the Xbox version of Halo Infinite. The PC version of the game does not support this mode.

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What you will need

  • An Xbox Series S or X.

  • Two or more Xbox controllers.

  • Two or more Xbox accounts.

  • An Xbox Live friend who is online at the same time as you.


  • Power on your Xbox console, log in to your Xbox account, and load up Halo Infinite. 
  • Go to the Campaign menu and load a saved game.
  • Select Play and quickly head to your online friends list.
  • While the Loading Map bar appears, select a friend who is idling under In Menus and select Join from the Fireteams Options list.
  • You can now leave the Fireteam.
  • In the Custom Lobby menu, under Server, select Offline.
  • Now, you can connect any controller or profile you want to play co-op with and select Play.

When you have successfully executed these steps, you will now be taken to the selected save file with split-screen co-op enabled. Happy gaming!

Last but not least, the following tutorial can be helpful to see the above described process in action:

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