How to make video games: game engines and software

How to make video games: game engines and software

You no longer need to be a tech or to have lots of programming skills to make your video games. You can now use many powerful game engines and editors to build any game you want without limits.

How to create video games?

Nowadays you have plenty of game engines or editors you can use for free and build your video game no matter whether you have programming skills or not. Some of them are general-purpose game engines, and others have been designed for more specific kinds of video games. No matter what skills you have, you will find the right tool to make your own video games.

What are the general-purpose game engines?

  • Game Develop: It is a free software designed to be easy to use and create any kind of video game. The graphical interface has an integrated editor where you can insert images and set animations without using programming languages.
  • Game Maker: (version 7.0 compatible with Vista) It is also very intuitive; it allows you to create online multiplayer games in 2D and 3D. Provided in shareware and software trial version.
  • Unity: It is a cross-platform, versatile game engine. It is a mid-complex game engine that has been designed to build any kind of game in C# and offers an easy-to-use coding environment.
  • Unreal Engine 5: It is a cross-platform, versatile, and very powerful game engine that can be used for tiny teams or AAA projects. It features lots of useful and powerful tools, including the famous Blueprint system that can really speed up your production process without using any programming language. If you have some skills in programming, C++ will be your best friend.

What are the fighting games game engines?

  • MUGEN: It is free software for creating fighting games in 2D. It offers character integration, sets, and sound effects with a library of multimedia files (text, graphics, and sound). The ownership of the software usually takes a few weeks.
  • Fighter Maker: It is a game engine designed to build fighting games that is easier to use than MUGEN.

What are the RPG game engines?

RPG Maker (shareware software) allows you to create role-playing games (RPGs). It can also be used to design video games in 2D, such as racing games.

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