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Geekbench 3

Geekbench 3
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
GeekBench 3 is a program designed to analyze and measure the maximum capacity of the computer. It displays the single-core and multi-core performance after the process.

Key Features

Test: it analyzes all the components features such as the operating system, the motherboard power as well as the processor. It displays on its main interface the result and allows its user to compare between single-core and multi-core performance.

Inventory: Geekbench 3 is able to detect all components of the computer and displays them automatically on the screen with their performance. This action helps to evaluate the potential of the machine and make a forecast if needed.

Simulation: Geekbench 3 is able to simulate various processing performed on the computer. Indeed, it can perform a simulation test about the required system if we add other applications. it estimates the computer performance if using other operating systems.

Sharing: it displays the results in graphical mode at the end of each comparison. The latter can be sent to other computer within the same network. An integrated browser is included to this purpose.


It allows testing the performance of a computer regardless of its operating system.
It is able to compare the performance between Mac and PC or evaluate new 64-bit (Special Editions of Vista and OS X).
Geekbench 3 is able to determine the memory required to perform a specific treatment.


This is a shareware version.


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Alternative spelling: Geekbench-3.3.0-WindowsSetup.exe
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