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AndroidLost: Find your Android phone from a Web page

November 2015

AndroidLost: Find your Android phone from a Web page

AndroidLost is a mobile application that allows you to locate your Android mobile phone from a website. It is very useful in case of theft or lost. All you need is to install the application on your phone, then you can control the application from the website. In addition, you can run other features as discussed below.

Installing Android Lost

Download and install AndroidLost from the Android market.

on

  • Once the application is installed
  • Enter
  • Click on "Sign In" in the upper right corner and log in using a Google/Gmail account.
  • Then click on the "Controls" tab. Below are listed the different features:

Trigger the alarm mobile phone

  • Select the "Alarm" sub-tab
  • Select the number of seconds to ring the alarm on your device, then press the "Alarm" button

Your device's alarm will be instantly activated.

Send a message to your mailbox with the location of your mobile phone

  • Select the "Location" tab
  • In the GPS section, check the box to activate the GPS if it is turned off, then click the "Send location"
  • You shall receive a message in your mailbox including a link to a map showing the location of your device

Show a popup on the device

  • You can send a message to the person who found your phone, for example, a phone number where to contact you. To do this:
  • Press the "Messages" sub-tab
  • In the "Message popup" field, writes the message that shall appear as a popup on your mobile phone. Then click on "Send".

View sent and received messages

  • You can view the last 10 sent and received SMS:
  • Press the "Messages" sub-tab
  • Under the "SMS inbox and sentbox" press "Send"
  • Check your email account to view the SMS sent.

Lock the phone with a password

  • Select the "Security" sub-tab
  • Click on "Phone Lock" and enter a 4 digit code

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