Clear suggestions on Instagram: users, pages, searches

Clear suggestions on Instagram: users, pages, searches

Suggested user is a helpful feature of Instagram for people looking for similar content, pages, and users to follow. However, sometimes, you may see someone on the list that you'd rather not. We will show you how to delete certain suggested pages and delete your profile from other users' suggestions.

Are the suggested users on Instagram looking at my profile? 

It is impossible to determine whether or not suggested users are looking at your profile. Conversely, Instagram uses your search history, and users whose pages you have looked at recently without following them will appear as a suggestion. The Instagram algorithm considers the time you spend on their profile and any interactions between you and the other user (comments, likes, etc). So if you see someone in your suggested pages or friends, it may be because you have already interacted with their content. That said, suggestions are also based on who the pages and friends you are following follow. 

How to delete suggested searches, pages and users?

1. Go to the Instagram web page (not through the app) on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and sign in to your account.

2. Scroll down through your feed until you reach a horizontal list of “Suggested For You.”

3. When you detect a user you don’t want to see in suggestions anymore, click on the X button next to the profile on the top right.

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4. To delete more users from the list, click on See All and select X next to other users you wish not to see as suggestions.

5. You can also go into your settings to remove all search history, as otherwise, you will see people's pages that you have previously searched for in the search bar when you search on Instagram. 

Note: Be sure that you really don’t want to see the user you wish to delete from the suggestions because this process is irreversible.

How to avoid being suggested to other users?

If you’d like to keep your account more private (even if it’s public) and not be suggested to other users, you can simply disable the option.

1. Go to Instagram (mobile app or desktop version) and sign in to your account.

2. Click on your profile picture icon and select Profile.

3. Next, go to Edit Profile, and at the bottom of the page, uncheck the Similar Account Suggestions tab. Finally, click Submit.

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