See who viewed your Instagram: story, profile, post

See who viewed your Instagram: story, profile, post

Do you ever wonder who is actually looking at the photos that you share on Instagram? In this article we will show you if it is possible to see who has viewed your Instagram profile, stories and posts.

Can you see who has viewed your Instagram profile and posts?

There's no direct way to check the users who have viewed your Instagram profile or posts (unless they comment or like a post). While numerous apps promise to unveil this mystery, beware! Many of them are fake and simply present a list of people you have recently interacted with. Some of these apps require payment or registration and may steal your information. However, there are a few tricks you can use to get an idea. 

  • Latest followers

Check the latest people who have started following you. This can give you an idea of ​​the new viewers checking out your profile.

  • Likes

Take a look at who has recently liked or commented on your post. This engagement is an indicator that a user has been viewing your profile. The higher the engagement, the more likely the user has visited your profile.

  • Statistics

In the statistics section of your Instagram account, you can see indicative data of who has viewed your profile. The exact names of the viewers do not appear, but information such as cities, countries, average age, and gender is available. This can provide substantial clues.

How to see who viewed your Instagram stories?

Luckily, Instagram allows you to check who has seen your published stories. This list is available for 24 hours, but if you are attentive, you can see each person who has seen your stories. To do this, go to your story and swipe up. The list will appear below, listing the identity of each viewer (even if they are not your followers). The more stories you publish, the more you can see who is watching your profile.

What to do if you have installed an app to track Instagram visitors?

As mentioned earlier, these applications do not work. Some of them include: Who saw my profile, InstaAgent, Qmiran, Kazuy, SocialView, InstaCare, and Who Viewed Me on Instagram, among others. If you have already installed any of these applications, we recommend you take certain precautions since most apps aim to access your personal data.

To protect yourself, the first thing to do is to uninstall all of them from your phone. Open Instagram on your phone or access the official website. Go to the Tools menu and go to the Authorized applications section. Here you can deny access to all applications that have previously been linked to your account.

After this, you will be protected against information theft from these applications. However, be cautious when permitting access to your personal data. If you want to shield yourself against unwanted eyes, you can always set your account to private instead of public, which allows only your followers to see your posts.

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