How to view Instagram live on PC

How to view Instagram live on PC

This is our guide on how to view Instagram live videos on PC, either by using the Google Chrome developer tools to switch to a different device view, or with a Google Chrome extension.

How to watch Instagram Live on PC with developer tools?

To get started accessing Instagram with increased features on your computer, first go to the Instagram website Next Log in and go to the browser menu (three dots in the upper right corner of the screen). Then go to More tools > Developer tools.

The window will appear divided, and half of your screen will display the developer tools. Next, click on the second icon in the top bar of that window.

After this, you will be able to view the Instagram webpage as if you were using the mobile app version. In the top menu bar, you can also adjust the view format and the device type.

Next, refresh the webpage (click F5) and Instagram will display the same appearance as in the mobile app version. Hereafter you will be able to access Instagram Direct, to publish content, or post Stories.

How to watch IG live on your PC with a Chrome extension?

If you're using Google Chrome, fortunately there's a browser extension that allows you to view live Instagram broadcasts without having to repeat all of the previous steps on your computer.

First, open the Google Chrome Store. Then search for IG Stories in the search field (top left of the screen), and on the next page, select Use in Chrome. There are several popular extensions such as App for Instagram with Direct, or App for Instagram (Support DM). After confirming the installation, click Add Extension on the tab that appears to make it easier to access.

Can you watch Instagram live anonymously?

No, you cannot watch Instagram live with your own personal account anonymously. Alternatively, what you can do is create a separate account and use this to watch the Instagram live video. They person will still be available to see that there is someone watching, but they will not know who the anonymous account belongs to. 

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