Download Instagram videos: online, story, reels, MP4

Download Instagram videos: online, story, reels, MP4

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with millions of videos uploaded to the Facebook-owned app every day. Continue reading to find out how you can download Instagram videos, stories and reels online or with an app.

How to download Instagram stories, reels and videos on a computer? 

On Windows

To download an Instagram video, reel, or story using a Windows computer, open the video in your web browser and copy the URL of the page:

Next, open the Download Instagram Videos website:

download instagram video screenshot
© Download Instagram Video

Paste the video's URL in the box and click the Download Instagram Video button. The thumbnail of the video will open:

Instagram video downloader screenshot
© Download Instagram Video

Next, right-click on the video and select the Save video as... option:

Instagram video download
© Download Instagram Video

Choose the folder where you want to save the video, name it, and click Save:

Instagram video download screenshot
© Download Instagram Video

This video will be downloaded in MP4 format, which can be played with VLC media player.

If you're using Windows 10, there is a new screen recording tool. Press Window + G at the same time and the recording program, Game DVR, will open. Although it was designed to record Xbox games, you can use it to capture whatever content you want.

On Mac

Finally, if you have a Mac, press Shift + Command (⌘) + 5 at the same time to make all kinds of screenshots or record your computer screen and record videos.

What are some apps to download Instagram videos, reels and stories?

In general, the popular apps work similarly. First, you must access Instagram and choose the content you want to download. If you press on the three dots that appear next to the image, you will see the Share the link option.

Copy the link to your clipboard and go to the download app you choose, then paste the link. Click on the Download, or similar option, and the image or video will be saved directly on your mobile. Simple as that!

Two neat apps to try are FastSave and SuperSave.


FastSave app screenshot
© FastSave

Keep in mind that with the most common download apps, you can only download the first image. If you are interested in downloading a collection of photos from a Story, you should use the app below.


StorySaver is a mobile app that allows you to download Stories from Instagram. To get started, you must create an account and link it to your Instagram account. Once you've completed this step, you will be able to view all your contacts' Stories. To download, just select the Story and press Download. StorySaver also allows you to share and repost your downloaded Stories. You can download the Android version here.

How to download Instagram videos online?


iGram is a website that allows you to download Instagram reels, photos, videos, IGTV & carousel. Simply enter the Instagram link into the search bar as shown below, and then click download. With iGram you can download everything online and don't need an app to do so. 

iGram screenshot
© iGram

How to save and download private videos and photos?

The methods for downloading and saving private Instagram videos and photos are the same as above. Many people think that their content (photos, videos) is protected by doing this, but in fact, this isn't the case. All photos and videos have their own web address and whoever manages to find these addresses can easily see and download the content.  

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