How to use Instagram on Mac: tips and tricks

How to use Instagram on Mac: tips and tricks

The Instagram app is officially only available on smartphones or tablets (Android and iOS). However, it is possible to use Instagram on your PC, either with an emulator or through Safari for Mac users. In this article, we will show you how to download and use the Instagram app on Mac.

Does the Instagram app work on PC and Mac?

The official Instagram app was created for mobile and allows you to take and edit photos and then interact with the photos of your friends. You can also post Stories to show your followers what happens daily. Also, you can download the Instagram app for PC. Instagram is also available through your web browser. For Mac, you can use the Instagram desktop version. 

How to use Instagram on Mac?

The desktop Instagram allows you to scroll the Instagram feed, like and comment on posts, view Instagram stories, and access Direct Messages. Simply follow the Instagram interface, which is the same as in the mobile app. 

How to upload photos and videos on Instagram on Mac?

If you have a Mac instead of a PC and want to be able to upload photos to your Instagram account from your Mac, follow these steps.

Firstly you will need to enable the Develop Menu on Safari by going into the Safari Menu and selecting Preferences. Go to the Advanced tab and select Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar. When you connect to Safari, you should see the Develop Menu alongside File, Edit, View History, Bookmarks, etc. 

Now you must go to the Instagram web page, enter the Develop menu, and select User Agent. 

You will see the different types of devices you can simulate. In order to be able to upload photos, select iPhone. The page will look similar, except now an upload button will be at the bottom.

You can now upload photos to your Instagram directly from your PC, allowing you to use higher quality images from your camera, if you have one, instead of photos from your phone.

How to manage your Instagram notifications on the desktop version?

If you use Instagram on a desktop only and want to stay updated with the comments and messages, you can receive notifications in the Chrome browser. You can set Chrome to notify you of activities on specific websites, such as To do so, go to Chrome Settings > Security & Privacy > Site settings > Notifications

  • Then, scroll down to Instagram and click on three vertical dots next to it. 
  • Select Allow. And it's done!
  • If you ever want to stop the desktop notifications from Instagram, simply follow the same procedure and select Remove at the end.
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