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VLC for iOS

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VLC for iOS
iPhone iPad - English

VLC for iOS is an application that sets as a port of the free VLC media player to iPhone and iPad. It can read all movies and audio tracks supported by the media player. This latest version is packed with several features. It is developed and published by VideoLNA and written in C/ C++/Qt.

Key Features

  • Multimedia player: VLC for iOS is acting as the former VideoLAN Client. It is packed with all controls and enables to create a playlist. Another option allows the iPhone user to stream network including HLS, MMS or RTSP.
  • Compatibility: as with the computer version, VLC for iOS can read almost all popular multimedia file formats. Indeed, it can play MKV, several audio tracks as well as subtitles tracks, namely SSA. This version supports integration for Bluetooth headsets and Airplay.
  • Synchronization and enhancement: apart from these features, VLC for iOS can also sync the content of its multimedia library with Dropbox and Google Drive as well as WiFi Upload. This version has also been enhanced in terms of speed and supported formats (M4B, OMA and MXG video files).


  • VLC for iOS is available in multiple languages namely English, French, Latvian and Ukrainian.
  • The interface is intuitive.


  • This is an Open Source.

Other Systems

VLC for iOS is also available on Windows.
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