How To Access Workgroup Computer Asking for Password

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A username and password may be required to access a network computer to share files or connect to the internet. However, it is not always necessary and a computer on a workgroup may not ask for a password.

If a computer on a workgroup suddenly begins asking for a password when you try to connect to it, this may be a sign that some of your settings may have been changed by accident. This article will show you how to fix this issue.

N.B. The procedures described in this article are specifically for Windows 7. They may, however, also work for other systems.

Fix a Workgroup Computer Asking for Password

To fix a computer on a workgroup that has suddenly begun asking for a password, click Start and right-click Network under your user photo.

Next, choose Properties > Choose homegroup and sharing options in the lower list. Next, select Change advanced sharing settings....

Under Password protected sharing, select Turn off password protected sharing.

Thanks to TWiStErRob for this tip.

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