How to check software installed date in Windows

How to check software installed date in Windows

Sometimes you install software and apps on your Windows PC and after some time don't even remember the reason why you installed them. If you have decided to clean up your computer and get rid of some old programs you don't use anymore, you can always check the installation date to be sure that it's not something you might need in the future. Read this article to find out how to find the software installation date on a Windows computer.

How to find the program installation date on Windows?

Method 1

  • Click on the Start button and type Control Panel in the Search tab. Open it.

  • Next, go to Programs > Programs and Feature and you will see a list of all the programs you have installed on your computer.
  • To see when it was installed on your computer, highlight the software and move to the column Installed On to see the date.

Method 2

  • Go to File Explorer (press the Windows + E keys simultaneously).
  • Next, go to System > Program Files and right-click on one of the columns with details and select Date Created to add the column with the installation date.
  • Finally, in the Date Created column you will see the installation date for each program on your PC.
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