LCD monitor - No signal message displayed after Windows logo

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I am using a 19-inches LCD monitor connected to my PC. Each time the PC boots in 640 * 480 and then after the Windows logo, the screen goes blank with a "No signal" message. What can be done?


If the "no signal" message is only displayed after the Windows Logo, this may be due to a faulty video card driver. Follow the steps below to uninstall/install the video card drivers:
  • 1.Power on/Restart the computer.
  • 2.Once the computer goes past the initial setup screen start tapping the F8 key on the keyboard.
  • 3.It will show you Advanced Boot Options.
  • 4.Select Safe Mode and hit Enter.
  • 5.After loading some initial drivers the computer will show you the Desktop with a low resolution. While you are still in Safe Mode uninstall/install the Video card driver.
  • 6.If you need any help with the video card driver installation, do reply with the Device instance ID of the video card driver.
  • 7.To get the Device instance ID of the video card, right click the Computer/My Computer icon on the Desktop, select Manage, select Device Manager under Computer Management from the left pane, then expand Display Adapter from right pane. Right click the Device listed under Display Adapters, click properties, go to the Details tab, and then select Device Instance Id from the drop-down list. Make a note of this Device Instance ID.

Thanks to Zohaib R for this tip.

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