iPhone - Disable 3G or 4G

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iPhone - Disable 3G or 4G


The 3G cellular network offers a high speed connection to the internet. In return for providing this additional connectivity, 3G smartphones consumes a lot of energy. In some situations you might need to disable 3G on your iPhone to prolong the battery life.

How to disable 3G?

  • To deactivate 3G , you have to go into the Settings of your iPhone, in the " Cellular Network" section.
  • Turn off "Enable 3G".

How to disable 4G?

Since the advent of 4G , operators have changed their profile to indicate that 4G network is being used.
  • If your phone is connected to a network operator offering 4G , the "Enable 3G" option is replaced by "Enable 4G" option.
  • Even if your disable the 4G network, 3G remains active. If you then want to disable 3G too , turn off "Cellular Data".
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