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Create a Ringtone From a Song for Android

By default, Android offers its users a wide selection of ringtones, but you can also a create custom ringtones out of your favorite songs. There exist several methods to do so; continue reading to discover them.

How To Make an Android Ringtone Using a Song

There are many ways that you can create an Android ringtone. Here are a few of them.

Using Computer Files

To create an Android ringtone from a song using your computer's native files, start by connecting your smartphone to your PC.

Then, simply copy the song of your choice and paste it into the Ringtones folder of your phone. If the Ringtones folder doesn't exist, create it at the root of your phone's internal storage:

The list of compatible audio formats is listed at Android's media format and codec support webpage.

Using the Music Player App

To create an Android ringtone from a song using the Music Player program, start by opening the app.

Once inside of the app's interface, tap and hold the music track of your choice. Then, tap Set As Ringtone:

Using the Sound Picker Feature

The Sound Picker feature (available on the Samsung Galaxy S5) can automatically select the "best" section of a song and use it as ringtone. To use the Sound Picker feature, first go to Settings, followed by Call Settings, then Ringtones and keypad tones.

Tap Ringtones > Add.

The Complete action using menu will be displayed. In this menu, select the Sound picker. Leave the Auto recommendation option checked.

Browse for the audio file or song that you want to set as your ringtone, and the Sound Picker feature will select the ideal section of it.

Using the RingDroid App

The RingDroid app allows you to create ringtones out of a specific section of a song. Download the app, and follow the onscreen instructions to create your ringtone.

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