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View Skype Snapshots Gallery

By default, any screenshots taken on Skype are stored in the C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Skype\Pictures folder on your computer (the process is different for Mac users). However, there is an easier way to find and view your snapshots, without leaving the application. This guide will teach you how to view your Snapshots Gallery on Skype.

Find Snapshots Taken with Skype

For Windows

  • To access your snapshots from the Skype interface, simply click View > Snapshots Gallery:

  • Select the snapshot of your choice, and click the Locate button:

  • Your computer will do a search for the selected image and point you to the folder in which it is being stored.

For Mac

To find your Skype snapshots on a Mac, follow these steps:

  • Once you have opened Skype and are on a call you can take a snapshot. This will then appear in the chat window for this specific video call.

  • You can select the snapshot that you want to download and select Save to Downloads

  • Go to Finder and then to Downloads. You will see the snapshot that you took during your Skype call.

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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