How to use WhatsApp status: updates, features, views

How to use WhatsApp status: updates, features, views

WhatsApp has added new features to WhatsApp statuses in order to make them more attractive. These range from voice messages, new reactions, audience selection and more. This article will show you what these news features are and how to use them.

What are WhatsApp status updates?

Meta continues to improve its WhatsApp instant messaging by regularly adding new features. After having made possible the creation of avatars or the sending of messages to oneself, WhatsApp are now turning their attention to statuses. This is a function that allows you to share photos, videos, GIFs, links or text with your WhatsApp contacts for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the content disappears, this is somewhat similar to Instagram Stories or Snapchat snaps. 

Of course, like WhatsApp conversations, the status, accessible via the tab of the same name, is protected by end-to-end encryption. But as the option is not widely used by users, Meta has decided to make it more attractive with "new WhatsApp status functions to better express yourself and communicate better", as it announced in its latest press release.

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What new features are included with WhatsApp statuses?

The first new feature allows you to restrict the display of your status by choosing precisely who can view it from three options: "My contacts", "My contacts except..." and "Share only with...". This is convenient when you want to share particularly private or somewhat sensitive information or, quite simply, if you don't want all your contacts to be aware!

The second option allows you to record and share voice messages of up to 30 seconds in your WhatsApp statuses, which can allow you to share stories or anecdotes that have just happened to us, especially if they contain many juicy details. Meta also integrates reactions to statuses, that allow you to quickly and easily respond to news from loved ones without having to expand on the subject. To do this, simply swipe the status in question upwards and select one of the eight emojis offered. Of course, it is always possible to reply with text, stickers, voice messages or whatever, this is only an alternative!

A new green status ring is appears to give statuses more visibility – unlike social networks, you don't necessarily think of going to see them, especially since they are hidden in a separate tab, since you come on WhatsApp only to read or to send messages. This ring then surrounds the profile photo of the contact in question to be clearly visible in the list of discussions, the list of members of a group and the contact information. Finally, the links published in a status will have the right to a visual preview of their content which will be displayed automatically, as when sending a message. It's more aesthetic and it lets contacts know what it's about before they click on it – and thus pique their interest. All these new features are currently being deployed around the world: be patient, they may take a few weeks to arrive. 

How to use WhatsApp status?

In order to use WhatsApp status' you will need to have the most recent WhatsApp update on your device. To create and send a status update:

  1. Open WhatsApp > Status
  2. Select Text to compose a written update. You can add emoji's, GIFs. You can also choose the font, the text colour and the background colour. 
  3. Alternatively you can use the Camera to take a photo, record a video, or a GIF. Like with WhatsApp photos and videos, you can add a caption to the image and also edit the content. 
  4. Once you have finished, Send your status. 

How to see who viewed your WhatsApp status?

If you have allowed read receipts, you will be able to see who has seen your status updates. If one of your contacts has disabled read receipts then you won't be able to see if they've viewed your status or not. 

You can choose who you want to share your WhatsApp status with. Either all contacts (My contacts), all contacts except certain people (My contacts except), and then only the contacts you want to see the status (Only share with). 

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