How to view all shared media on WhatsApp

How to view all shared media on WhatsApp

If you would like to view the media files you've shared with your WhatsApp contacts, or from a specific device, or to a group, this tip will help you to do so. Here are the instructions on how to view all the photos and videos shared over the course of a WhatsApp conversation.

How to view all media in a WhatsApp chat or group? 

  • Open WhatsApp, go to Chats and select the desired conversation or group.
  • At the top of the chat, to the right of the profile picture and to the left of the call buttons will be the name of the chat, and the other members. Click on this.
  • You will then be on the Contact Info or Group Info page depending on whether or not there is more than one other member in the chat. 
  • There is a Media, Links and Docs tab. Clicking on this will show you all of the media, videos, photos, links and documents shared in the chat. 
Media, links and docs screenshot
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  • You can then switch between Media, Links and Docs at the top of the page.

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