Formatting your USB flash drive with HP USB Storage Format tool

April 2018

HP USB Storage Format tool has a compact interface with options to select hardware, devices and Filesystems. It also has an entry area for volume label and checkboxes for formatting. It can create a start-up DOS disk which is bootable using either, files of your choice or system internal files. Interface has Start and Close buttons only, and no Help file. The USB Format tool identifies the file type and compresses the files before formatting them. If you choose to reformat it, click Start, and a pop-up will come up warning you that all data on the drive will be lost; proceed, and the drive gets formatted in seconds. Click Close to get a small dialog window with details about the drive. After that you will be able to move the data to the new reformatted drive. Finally, eject it, reinsert it, and check everything is in correct order along with your portable applications.


Are you trying to format your pen drive in Windows, using the default Windows formatting option but the operation is not successful? There are a lot of users on the forum sending posts about the following issue: "pendrive cannot be formatted". Of course the logical step is to determine if there is a locking mechanism, but in most cases, even after unlocking your pendrive, you still cannot format it.


The best solution to format your USB flash drive is using the HP USB Storage Format tool which is completely free! This utility is widely used by most professional and normal users!

Download it here
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