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Setup Airtel broadband connection

Sometimes you may face a problem with an Airtel broadband connection with the router settings and network connections already in place. The LAN icon shows that the internet is connected but the website says "Page cannot be displayed". In this article we will show you the steps to take to rectify this problem.

You have everything set up correctly; the router settings and the network connection (IP address) have been set. The LAN icon shows that it's connected but when you try to open a website it says "Page cannot be displayed" this happens in various browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox. This is a frustrating problem but below, you will find the solutions.

How to setup Airtel broadband

  • Make sure all the lights are green on the modem. If not, re-connect all the wires and also the wire that connects to USB or LAN.

  • If they are already green then there is a problem with your Modem connection or with your wires or ISP.

  • If all the lights are green on the modem and you are still unable to access the internet, open your internet browser and in the address bar type and hit Enter.

A window will pop up; enter the following:

Username = user
Password = password

  • The DSL Router will open and you have to make some changes in the modem settings.

  • In the left sidebar click on WAN and a new page will open.

  • Click EDIT and click Next until you get to click on SAVE and then click on Save/Reboot.

  • When you click on Save/Reboot your modem will restart and wait until all the lights on the modem are green. Now restart your PC and you will be able to access the internet.


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