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Hitman 3: Cheats, Shortcuts and Codes for all Doors and Safes

Hitman 3 puts an end to the World of Assassination stealth trilogy. In this action-adventure video game, Agent 47 will have to complete all the missions without mercy, in locations like a skyscraper in Dubai or at the Dartmoor Castle. In addition, the creators promise a rich and fully immersive world. In this article, we present a compilation of all the tips and tricks known to date. So read on, if you want to make achieving your goals and leveling up easy.


Here’s a list of all our tips:

  • Every item can be useful: collect everything you can, at some point even a screwdriver can be useful. Also, there are no limits on inventory.
  • Coins as a way of distraction: you can always throw one of them to distract the enemy that blocks the passage to one of the areas. You can also use anything that makes noise, such as a vacuum cleaner.
  • Use the Instinct mode: it will allow you to scan the area and detect which elements you can interact with.
  • Turn on the subtitles: this can help you remember names of places and goals.
  • Use the minimap: the icons will reveal some key information.
  • Don’t lose sight of your status: It will tell you if you should change your costume, if someone is looking for you, if you have witnessed a crime, etc.
  • Save your session regularly: It is possible to make a mistake in one of your actions - this will allow you to return to the starting point of the mission.
  • Repeat missions: every time you finish a mission, you will get more XP and your level will increase.
  • Know the disadvantages of your costume: some enemies will know that you are in disguise.

  • Eliminate only your targets: eliminating someone who is not a part of the plan can put you in jeopardy.
  • Hide the bodies: eliminating someone is not enough, you also have to know where to hide them.
  • Use the Fiber wire as a weapon: it will allow you to throttle all your targets.
  • Pay attention to all the surroundings: every conversation may be key to obtaining the information you need.
  • Zoom to hear better: zoom in with the weapon to hear other people's conversations louder.
  • Unlock shortcuts: all exits are marked in yellow. You can look for stairs, vents, doors, etc.
  • Be very careful with security cameras: sometimes, it can be convenient to destroy them.
  • Rat poison: rat poison can be a very quiet weapon. You will find it in basements, maintenance areas, warehouses, etc.


How to Unlock Items from Hitman 1 and 2

Unlocking items from previous releases can be of great help, but they have to be installed on the same computer.

These items are the following:

  • Sieker 1.
  • ICA Titanium Crowbar.
  • Sieger 300 ghost sniper rifle.
  • Electronic key hacker.
  • Custom 5mm pistol.
  • Kalmer 1 - Tranquilizer.
  • 22 Suppressed (also known as the “Krugermeier 2-2").
  • ICA Remote Explosive.

Codes to Open Doors and Safes

Codes by zone:

  • Dubai:
    • Personal area code: 4706
    • Atrium door: 4706
    • Security room (first and second floor): 6927
    • Fifth floor guest room safe: 7465
  • Dartmoor:
    • Office Alexa: 1975
  • Berlin:
    • Safe Level 2: 1989
  • Chongqing:
    • ACI facilities door: 0118
    • Door of the ACI parking lot, second floor: 0118
    • First floor laundry door: 0118
    • Fourth floor laboratory door: 2552
    • Door to the therapy room on the fifth floor: 2552
    • Arcade door, ground floor: 2552
  • Mendoza:
    • Laser system: 1945
    • Basement safe: 2006
    • Gate of the beginning: 1979


Here are the locations of various shortcuts:

  • Dubai:
    • Atrium lobby door.
    • Attic terrace staircase.
    • Staircase ventilation area.
    • Helipad ladder
  • Dartmoor:
    • Balcony staircase, first level.
    • Maintenance ladder, third floor.
  • Berlin:
    • Back entrance door.
    • Rider basement rear door.
    • Skylight ladder.
  • Chongqing:
    • Interior patio, first level.
    • Installation elevator shaft, first level.
    • Stairs of the block, second level.
  • Mendoza:
    • Winery door, third level.
    • External staircase door, second level.
    • Maintenance door, third level.
  • Carpathian Mountains:
    • Passenger car door.
    • Door of the container.

Cheat Codes

It is still early for all the Cheat Codes, but we decided to make a compilation with those that worked in Hitman 1 and 2. It may be possible to reuse some, as this was the case in previous installments, or they can give you a clue for Hitman 3.

Below you will find a list of all of them. To enable them, you have to open the file "hitmancontracts.ini" with a text editor (it can be found in the game directory). Here you will have to add the following lines at the end of the document:


We can distinguish two types of codes, the first ones require enabling the console and the second ones do not. To enter the codes you will have to press the 'º' key that can be found on the keyboard to the left of '1'. For the first type of code:

To access the following Cheat Codes, you can do it from a specific menu. Start the game and press the Shift + Esc keys. Use the up and down arrows to select the effects. The right and left arrows will allow you to set them to 0 (Off) or 1 (On). Then hit Enter:

  • give some: includes all ammunition and most weapons.
  • give all: includes all ammunition and all weapons, including hidden ones.
  • end level: complete a level.
  • give gun: get gun.
  • give shotgun: get shotgun.
  • give baller: get all types of baller weapon.
  • give SMG: get SMG.
  • give CC: get the combat level weapons.
  • god mode: activate god mode.
  • infamm: infinite ammo.
  • invisible: grants invisibility.

And here are those that do not need to be activated from the console:

  • IOIGIVES: all weapons and items.
  • IOER: bomb.
  • IOIHITALI: boxing mode.
  • IOINGUN: special rifle.
  • IOIHITLEIF: life to 100%.
  • IORULEZ: god mode.
  • IOIGRV: gravity mode.
  • IOLEPOW: lethal charge.
  • IOIPOWER: super force mode.
  • IOISLO: slow motion.

Images: CCM ES


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