Coffee Talk and other cozy games, popular and new (2023)

Coffee Talk and other cozy games, popular and new (2023)

Computer games don't always have to be fast, aggressive and competitive. The genre of "cozy games" is bringing us a new vision of video games and gaining an increasing share of the gaming market both on Switch and other consoles, as well as on PC and Android or iOS devices. Here you will find the definition, examples and trends of cozy gaming.

What are cozy games?

Cozy games are video games that are played slowly and evoke positive emotions and a feeling of coziness and comfort. There is no violence and negative images in them, and the element of competition is either completely absent or very minimal. Accordingly, most often they are associated with those things that we are looking for in life to relax and achieve harmony, such as nature, a cozy home, pleasant music, a slow cup of coffee on a Sunday morning... These games can be a way to relieve stress and many of them are designed to be a kind of relaxing meditation.

In recent years, cozy games have become more and more popular, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when many people have been forced to spend more time at home. The reason for their growing popularity is that not only are they different from traditional "adrenaline" games, but they are also intended for a wider range of users of different ages, as they are easier to play. The focus on harmonization and beautiful aesthetics of cozy games, as well as the frequent themes of "growing a garden or farm", "building relationships" make many believe that such games are of interest to a large percentage of the female audience

Reacting to this trend, game developers are trying to come up with and offer users new and innovative game concepts that are very different from the traditional idea of a video game. In Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, you attract butterflies with plants and flowers to the soothing sounds of nature. In thе game A Little to the Left, your task is to sort the household items on the shelves while the mischievous cat gets in your way. Sometimes it is the minimalism of the gameplay that attracts users who are tired of the multitasking of the modern digital world.

The category of such games includes in particular the life and social simulation games in which the main goal is to create and build a harmonious environment, such as Animal Crossing, Ooblets, Let's Build a Zoo, PowerWash Simulator, Disney Dreamlight Valley, Donut County, Stardew Valley, Garden Story or Cozy Grove.

The principle of travel and/or exploration as a process of self-discovery, harmonization and self-improvement is at the center of another type of cozy games. For example, in the popular game Journey, the player goes on a journey through the desert and must uncover secrets and mysteries. In the exploration game Spiritfarer, you play as a ferryman who explore different islands and helps dead spirits pass on to the afterlife. To some extent, these games act like serial TV dramas that tell touching, thought-provoking beautiful stories. It's no coincidence that Netflix recently bought Spry Fox studio that specializes in cozy games.

New cozy games

One of the latest additions to the cozy gaming scene that is breaking new ground in the gaming industry, Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One) is the sequel to the 2020 barista simulation game in which you have to become a cafe owner again. The creators of the game guessed the expectations and trends of the public in many ways, including the theme, stylish pixelated graphics and a minimalist soundtrack. The main thing is that this game has a very slow gameplay, reminiscent, however, of real life. Your cafe is open only at night and you have a variety of visitors, curious characters who talk about their lives... The combination of the process of making a latte or cappuccino (you have a variety of ingredients at your disposal, including two new ones, Butterfly Pea and Hibiscus) attracted her to the interest of people who had previously been generally far from computer games.

2023 brings a lot of new cozy games. In Mail Time (available for Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac) you deliver letters and parcels in a distant fairytale forest. NAIAD is a relaxing single-player travel game in which you swim with this aquatic creature and interact with underwater animals. The genre of farming games will replenish Fae Farm (will be released for Nintendo Switch in spring 2023). Also expected this year is Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, the sequel to Oxenfree's futuristic investigation, (PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Windows and Mac). In Way To The Woods, we will take part in the story of a deer and a deer who are looking for their way home in a mysterious world full of puzzles.