Headphones not working on laptop? [Solved/Closed]

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Um, well I tried to see if enabling it from my Audio manager would work. But the headphones won't show up at the list.

I have tried headphones ranging up to cheesy 99 cent ones to 10$ Zune ear phones.
I don't think it's the earphones. I think I am missing a driver I can't find. It looks as if it doesn't recognize my headphones being there. Is the jack possibly broken?

Computer model: Toshiba Satellite a105 S4034
Windows 7
I am using Realtek high definition audio.

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- Dec 24, 2011 at 04:11 PM
Thank you

Go to Control Panel
click on Hardware and Sound
click on Sound
then you devices should come up ; speakers, Digital Audio, and headphones
plug your headphones in
then select headphones
at the bottom it will say set as default
select that!!
then when you disconnect your headphones it automatically switches to the speakers and when you plug them back in it automatically will switch to headphones!!

Good Luck
it only says speakers it doent have headphones or anything on mine
KNF, set the communication headphone as your default, those are your earphones :)
thank you so much