My computer won't let me access anything!! [Solved/Closed]

 Suegibson123 -
my computer won't let me access any of my programs. it keeps on saying "Application not found". i can't access my control panel options, download anything and actually use it, nor can I even type! it's becoming really frustrating. I've tried to download software but it won't let me use it to fix it. instead it tells me to download it again. I think the whole situation started when I downloaded iTunes and I think it got a virus. Please Help. I really want my computer to act normal again! and can you please give me some safe websites to download from so it doesnt act up anymore?

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this is indeed a virus.
to get rid of it, you will need to install and update an anti-virus.
i think this will not be possible in your case since the computer is not allowing you to do anything.
so, try to enter the safe mode.
to do this, press F8 repeatedly when booting your computer, before the windows logo appears.
then you may do a system restore to set your computer to the settings to a date when these problems were not yet encountered. that is the date before you downloaded the iTunes.
this should make it work normally.
>all programs
>system tools
>system restore
after the system restore, you may download the AVG free version anti-virus, or you may buy the full version.
Thank you

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hi nsense,
but I can't install or open or do anything on my computer. I have windows xp. please help!
i would just get your data off of it. Then reboot it like it came from the place like on day 1.
OMG! All of you awesome. I had forgotten all about F8 and restore from a previous time. I am back up and running (just restored from Jan20) with is just great. Can't thank you enough. This is going to be a great day!
Thankyou so much! This saved me an expensive trip to Best Buy!
Thank you so much!
my Drive (C:) deleted my McAfee , and won't allow me to redownload it, also I cant even access Drive (C:), nor can I turn on my windows firewall, help me please ?
Just as a heads up, I had this happen, and it would not let me boot into safe mode. I can't remember the name of the virus, but after reading about it, it actually stops any virus protection from running. (said installing too, but couldn't do anything.) Fortunately I had an image backup with Macrium Reflect.

I did take a bad disk from another computer, mount it onto my (super secure one (after an image backup)) and run the anti-virus against the corrupt disk. That saved all my daughters music and pictures and etc....
when you turn on the comp. Force shut it down by holding the power button. then turn it back on. It will ask you if you want to boot with safe mode.
Viruses are usually responsible for programs not opening/running. Additionally, certain viruses will not allow you to execute commands (.exe) which means its too late to download anti-virus software.

If you already have anti-virus software installed:

1. Click the Microsoft 'Start' icon (bottom left of screen)
2. Scroll to locate your anti-virus software
3. Left click to open the file
4. Right-click on the program
5. Select 'Open as Administrator'
6. Run Anti-virus software

I use Spybot and it cleared up my systen on the first attempt.
Hi all,

If you can get into the safe mode options by rebooting and hitting either F5 or F8 (i'm not certain which so I always hit them both one at a time over and over until it comes up :-)" this may help.

Choose "with command prompt" and when "c:/ " comes up type the following


This "should" get you into system restore and you follow the instructions from there.

Good luck :-)
i try that in safe mode and is says is not recognized as an internal or ext operable program or batch file .
I have the same problem as you, did you find a solution
Thank you so much for the advise I was lost on what to da. I am trying it now and hope it works
GOT IT!!!!!


Press the "ON" button on your computer for a few seconds until it shuts down.
Turn it back on.

It should ask you if you want to turn on safe boot

Do safe boot with networking support

then go to start



system tools

system restore

Then activate it. Wait for at least 5 minutes. Takes a while....

Then do not set it to the most recent date of restoration. Set it to the day before.

click finish.



Note: Some things that you downloaded in that time will be deleted. Good thing is. The will be gone too.
System 32 cannot be deleted. It is needed for Windows to run.
my computer is doing the same kind of thing, although mine is saying " windows cannot access the specified device,path or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." I cant download anything, and I cant even scan my computer t get rid of my virus (that a think caused this) -without it popping up. do you have any suggestions on what I can do ? please reply.
using system restore run it as aministator it sometimes run it with this type of problem
Having the same problem. Sounds like a new virus attacked all of us?

I also found that I could not even open the system restore or command prompt, So I tried running my internet explorer as an administrator. ( Right click, click on run as administrator) I downloaded malware bytes for free and had to scan 3 times to remove all 56 viruses. haha. Its a great program and it worked well.

I also ran system restore as an administrator and succesfully restored back to my last windows critical update.
My computer not allow me to access http website please tell me the solution
I tried running AVG in safe mode, didn't work, I tried system restore, said there was no restore point, I right clicked on the fake anti virus that was supposedly there to help, clicked on properties, found the file (can't remember the file name, but it was in the system drive/users/<computer user>/app data/local/ then dhp something or other, but an obvious folder and file that shouldn't be there, sorry can't be more specific, was freaking out and just wanted it gone!), tried to delete it in regular mode, didn't do anything, went back to safe mode and successfully deleted it, came back to regular mode, re-enabled my NIC which I'd IMMEDIATELY disabled so no info (no more info) could be transmitted, downloaded AVG update and ran a full scan.
delete system 32
i know that happened to me aswel an you cant download softwares to fix it or even open up system restore!
My computer has a virus and wont let me access anything. If I try to download a virus protection of any kind it stops it and I cant even use the media player. I need something that will start a scan asap. I have a reboot disk but it says theres nothing wrong with it. Any suggestions?
did you ever figure out how to fix it because I have the same problem with my computer
Cormac, how did you fix it?
same has happened to me

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