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  • Windows Media Center Virus using windows 7 home premium Closed

    WMC keeps coming up on my hp notebook in windows 7 I've tried a few diff things but it keeps blocking me from next step..I did uninstall it and doesn'...

    49erLance | Latest reply: Ambucias May 17, 2014
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  • Toshiba Laptop Suddenly shut down Closed

    My Toshiba Laptop Suddenly shut down, sometimes it turns to white screen please advice God Bless!

    mannycabrera | Latest reply: carminabigue May 17, 2014
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  • search.exe Closed

    While downloading something,i don't remember what, a long time ago, 5 minutes, every time i start firefox "search.exe" wants to be my boss and persist...

    anonmikename | Latest reply: Ambucias May 16, 2014
    1 reply
  • wqlilr - Is it a virus? Closed

    Hello Community, Today, while I was going through my files on one of the drive, I found an .exe named (wqlilr.exe) with a hamster icon. It was pre...

    hemacedric | Latest reply: kieferschild May 15, 2014
    3 replies
  • Everything on my computer leads to windows media center. Closed

    I've looked up this problem and none of the solutions are available to me. For instance I had to create an account and type this question from a table...

    BlazeSiefer | Latest reply: 2011N2 May 15, 2014
    7 replies
  • virus hampering boot on Windows Vista Solved/Closed

    My laptop Windows Vista opens to a gray screen with the words Microsoft windows Vista at the top and Memory diagnostic tool at the bottom. Memory di...

    ErieE | Latest reply: 2011N2 May 14, 2014
    151 replies
  • automatically shut down Closed

    Gud morning..i have a problem with my laptop..sometimes my laptop will automatically shut down whrn i used the internet.when i want to download other ...

    farahin | Latest reply: kieferschild May 13, 2014
    5 replies
  • Virus/Maleware... Closed

    Hello, there i keep getting this Reminder! Your computer is not backed up" pop-up icon on my computer, ive uninstalled it but not sure if it be remo...

    Gervarod | Latest reply: litonkrl May 12, 2014
    51 replies
  • pen drives are infected with recycler short cut creater Closed

    Dear Friends, My computer and pen drives are infected with recycler short cut creater and my files are hidden. I'm helpless. I'm not so much expert i...

    Minakshiji | Latest reply: Ambucias May 12, 2014
    1 reply
  • lazy sleepy browser. Closed

    Lately when I turn on my browser it just spins around and around and the internet refuses to come on. Now its really bad. Is there something going on ...

    irishlad | Latest reply: 2011N2 May 12, 2014
    3 replies
  • usbc .. Closed

    I had my memory sd in my friends laptop and all of my photos have gone somewhere, I turned on the hidden files on but nothing were visible, the only f...

    sobyfriend | Latest reply: 2011N2 May 11, 2014
    1 reply
  • i m having pivilion dv5 and it just shutdown few sec after start Closed

    wht shld i do??? will somebody plx help me!!!! It work in safemode but whn i start it normally thn it shutdown just few sec later after start :(

    alishAcARTE6 | Latest reply: 2011N2 May 11, 2014
    1 reply
  • problem in opening the pendrive Closed

    i had transfered some files from my friend's laptop to my pendrive and when i tried to open the pendrive it did not open instead it showed a shortcut ...

    Dwayne1996 | Latest reply: 2011N2 May 11, 2014
    1 reply
  • A virus that does not allow me to open any anti-virus website Closed

    I have a virus on my desktop that does not allow me to scan or even upload any antiviruses. It does not even let me open any websites relating to anti...

    JerryJohnson | Latest reply: Gervarod May 10, 2014
    1 reply
  • Virus Scan Failed - Google Chrome Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am using Google Chrome and recently when I try to download any file I receive the error message "Virus Scan Failed" I am using Windows...

    EmmDee | Latest reply: Ambucias May 10, 2014
    3 replies
  • what are the ways viruses enter computer system? Closed

    Hello, please i help on major and minor ways viruses get into a pc. Configuration: / Opera 9.80

    Brainy100 | Latest reply: Ambucias May 7, 2014
    6 replies
  • internet security Closed

    where links are for i got free some internet security exe and register key? please help me.

    seaprince | Latest reply: ac3mark May 7, 2014
    3 replies
  • Toshiba Satellite Closed

    Hi. This evening I was using my laptop and the screen went blank (it's never been dropped or damaged) so i thought it had ran out of battery. But sin...

    Emmalou7777 | Latest reply: Tmsk8DC May 6, 2014
    7 replies
  • Folder Shortcut Issue Solved/Closed

    Hi friends, I got a virus that caused my folders become shortcuts and on clicking them it is showing g:\.Trashes\ can'...

    akhilgarg1765 | Latest reply: zong May 3, 2014
    9 replies
  • nt authority system Closed

    I have been reading about nt authority sys shutting down my pc. it shuts me down before I can do anything.please explain what i can do.

    anth1 | Latest reply: 2011N2 May 2, 2014
    3 replies
  • How to remove shortcut virus Closed

    How to remove short cut virus problem in laptop

    salman80 | Latest reply: 2011N2 May 1, 2014
    1 reply
  • possible hacked account Closed

    I got a notification the other day saying this guy accepted my friend request, however I know for a fact I did not send this person a request, I don't...

    sophie.kemp | Latest reply: ac3mark May 1, 2014
    1 reply
  • when I try to log in to Google the computer shuts off Closed

    Hello, I recently converted my Windows Xp over to Windows 7, when I try to log in to Google the computer shuts off Configuration: Windows 7 / ...

    kg58 | Latest reply: kg58 Apr 30, 2014
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  • shortcut virus on work pc Closed

    Hello, new to forum :) I have searched through the topics i am at work, the laptop is infected, but because i am at a copy-print shop i don't have mu...

    vagelas | Latest reply: 2011N2 Apr 30, 2014
    1 reply
  • USB Problem Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have problem in my Computer . I am using Windows 7. The problem is that i don't know what type of threat came in my PC through net or e...

    Sankha | Latest reply: ac3mark Apr 30, 2014
    4 replies
  • utorrent does this have virus Closed

    Hello, does this have virus

    tk | Latest reply: kieferschild Apr 27, 2014
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  • PC Slow Closed

    As an Internet user is always the problem that I face is always slow pc.

    Jamhari | Latest reply: 2011N2 Apr 27, 2014
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  • Adwcleaner Closed

    I just want to know if the below following files are safe to delete? I am using the AdwCleaner. ...HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\R...

    mean08 | Latest reply: 2011N2 Apr 27, 2014
    5 replies
  • Google toolbar Closed

    When my google toolbar disappeared, I was able to retrieve it. However, the original buttons have reappeared as small blobs, I need to hover over eac...

    delsop | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 26, 2014
    5 replies
  • Virus (XXqMlit.exe and PtjkdMr.exe) Closed

    Please does any one have idea on how to remove this viruses ( XXqMlit.exe and PtjkdMr.exe) from the C: drive and totally from all storage.........i ha...

    regularpcguy | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 24, 2014
    3 replies
  • Pendrive problem access Closed

    cant access the files on my even i am using the attrib command. what is the command for this situation... the USB seen have a file volume indicate...

    Foxs23 | Latest reply: ¡El Desaparecido! Apr 24, 2014
    1 reply
  • Please help: My computer is infected - won't let me do ANYTHING Closed

    I have Toshiba Qosmio laptop that got a virus or something yesterday. I can't do anything. I can't run my SpyHunter, I can't get in Safe Mode, I can'...

    AJ86 | Latest reply: 2011N2 Apr 24, 2014
    1 reply
  • Unable to connect to the internet while connected Closed

    I recently had issues with my computer. Ran a free malware scan on it and now I can't access the internet. My wireless shows I'm connected, but when I...

    Mhodges | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 23, 2014
    1 reply
  • SOS: PLEASE HELP ME! Virus Serge le Lama! Closed

    How cam I do now??? I've obtained this report from usbfix: ############################## | UsbFix V 7.169 | [Soppressione] Utente: Anna (Ammin...

    annabio | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 22, 2014
    1 reply
  • Folder lock Closed

    My folder lock software attacked by virus and my antivirus remove the folder lock...In my folder lock i had many important folders there, what should ...

    kamran1611 | Latest reply: carminabigue Apr 22, 2014
    1 reply
  • cleaning from shortcut virus failed.. :( Closed

    Hello, I just followed the instructions of the tutorial for the cleaning of the USBs and laptop from the Shortcut virus. However, after the end o...

    Lau151 | Latest reply: 2011N2 Apr 22, 2014
    1 reply
  • USB Shortcut Virus (Flash Rescue Software) Closed

    Hello, From the past years of which there have been incidents of people's documents turning to shortcuts, I am glad to state that there is a simpl...

    smartboytk | Latest reply: 2011N2 Apr 22, 2014
    1 reply
  • not able to open any antivirus site and microsoft website also Closed

    please help.. cant open antivirus sites and also

    lvhrts | Latest reply: xpcman Apr 21, 2014
    3 replies
  • virus protection Closed

    how to overcome shortcut virus from pen drive

    JAYACOOLSIRIL | Latest reply: xpcman Apr 21, 2014
    1 reply
  • browser use to close automatically Closed

    I am using Google chrome as a browser. From last few days my internet page used to close automatically after each two minutes or less that that. Its ...

    anildwivedi | Latest reply: ac3mark Apr 21, 2014
    1 reply
  • What's going on with my laptop? Closed

    I have a Dell Inspiron 14 laptop, and I have absolutely no idea what's going on with it. My Dell laptop had shut down suddenly, upon restarting it wa...

    officialotaku | Latest reply: kieferschild Apr 20, 2014
    41 replies
  • Shortcut virus driving me nuts... Closed

    I always find the shortcut virus in my flash drives and tried to remove by running cmd typing 'attrib -h -r -s /s /d d:\*.*' but it says "access denie...

    meanonymous | Latest reply: 2011N2 Apr 20, 2014
    1 reply
  • SD card Closed

    My SD card was working. i took it out of my phone and connected it to the computer. it cannot be read so i tried it again. it wasn't read by the pc. i...

    kylefaith | Latest reply: kylefaith Apr 19, 2014
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  • How to remove shortcut virus from pen drive Solved/Closed

    Dear friends... Please help me to solve this problem. I am using Windows 8... I am getting shortcuts for my pendrive when I put to laptop.. I tried...

    nagender reddy | Latest reply: Leo Star Apr 18, 2014
    5 replies
  • how to delete recycler virus Closed

    I have a 160 gb external hard disk.It scans data in antivirus but when i open the hard disk it doesn't show the data. It contain system volume informa...

    manishranjan | Latest reply: ¡El Desaparecido! Apr 17, 2014
    2 replies
  • How to kill shortcut virus on my laptop Solved/Closed

    Hello, When I insert a pen drive or external drive into my laptop, I get so many shortcut file from all of my folders and files. How do I kill...

    StitchesGh | Latest reply: jack4rall Apr 13, 2014
    2 replies
  • shortcut virus Closed

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my laptop. I will auto create shortcuts of all my folders. Please help me on how to get rid of this virus and del...

    macymolly | Latest reply: 2011N2 Apr 12, 2014
    1 reply
  • have tried several antivirus but nothing happens Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 34.0.1825.4 My computer has got many problems . It rarely starts normally. Sometimes it shows that...

    Vp678 | Latest reply: 2011N2 Apr 12, 2014
    9 replies
  • Pen drive format Closed

    How can i format my pen drive, it is showing me sometime of errors that is not responding to remove files and the whole data of pen drive...???

    piyukhush | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 10, 2014
    1 reply
  • Start menu rebuild Closed

    I recently got a virus on my computer that hid my start menu and deleted my system restore files. Because I didn't know the nature of the virus, I del...

    epeery | Latest reply: xpcman Apr 10, 2014
    1 reply