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I can't see any icons on my desktop or download anything on pc

For the last 2 days or so I have been fighting some Trojan virus on my PC. After I downloaded Malwarebytes, Rogue killer etc I think I got rid of it h...

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Computer will not reboot

I had to power it off, it would not shut down...then when I turned power back on...nothing comes up just wall start menu or icons on my des...

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Total security virus... cant do anything


Hello, having a problem with a friends computer.. got total security virus and now cant do anything.. downloaded malwarebytes at an earlier date re ...

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Firefox and ie destroyed after virus. help :(


Hello everyone, so let me explain how this happened, I got home from work one day and the g/f had accidentally downloaded a trio of trojan worms - Bet...

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Can not access into folder in external hard disk


When I try to open a folder in my external hard disk] there was a message on screen said that (Windows cannot find ':H\snbk0pt\snbk0pt.exe'. Make sure...

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Flash disk problem

Hello, My flash disk contains removable disk (8GB) short cut and it does not show the files. Could anyone tell me the solution please?

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I have issues with my system, it has a desktop folder on the screen. please how do i tackle it?

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"my removable device" shortcut virus


Hello, When I plug my USB on my computer, a virus hides my files and creates a shortcut called "My removable device". If I check shortcut's prop...

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Regd that bloody regsvr.exe

Hello, regsvr.exe is making so many problem for me 1. during startup my home screen is shown black ,, i have 2 get in ly through task manager 2....

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I forgot my nokia 2690 security phone code


plz, help me o. I forgot my nokia 2690 security code and i want 2 retreive it back. Though have change it from default code, but i can't remember the ...

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All the folders turned to shortcuts


Hello', I have a problem in my external hard disk. I connected this one in my friend pc all the folder showing only shortcut only. Then I removed fr...

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Help me to remove recycler......

im using windows 7 professional i find many unwanted files and shortcuts in "user data" if i delete them ........ they come again can anyone help...

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Pendrive (usb) virus


I have formatted my 32 GB flash drive several time to remove virus but it again appear in a second or two. Virus mane is 'ecc7c8c51c0850c1ec247c7fd360...

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Personal files in folder lock and system stolen.

My laptop was stolen and in it my personal files in the folder lock. I have two accounts in my system one admin and other standard both password prote...

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Files\folder shorcuts are getting created


Hi the virus in my computer creates shortcuts when I insert a removable device,cn someone help

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Files turned into shortcuts

my files in external hdd turn into shortcuts please help me how to remove that virus

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Computer virus

Hi This is Darren and I have got an issue with running my computer. First of all as I log in my computer, it starts to be normal and all but after...

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Zohaib R

Pen drive shows short cut keys alone

Hello, hi jack.. i followed the instruction.. but the short cut keys are not removed on my pen drive.. and autorun acts shows and hidden some ti...

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Zohaib R

My avira doesn't update !!!

my avira doesn't update either after the solution given i tried ....... im using a proxy secured network i guess thats the problem plz......

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Zohaib R

External hdd virus files visible capacity full

my external hdd files not showing ,but capacity full,

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Same icons in desktop

Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Opera 9.80 i cant open regedit and system restore. Maybe its because of virus......Please help me as soon a...

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Fbi money gram scam... cant start in safe mode!!

I got this scam from a download.. And I saw to git rid of it I need to start computer in safe mode with networking. But when I do.. It starts up.. An ...

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Seems like my netbook has a virus


Hi, My netbook is new but it is already slow and it doesn't have anything,like heavy downloads or something, I just would like to know if it has a vir...

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Startup problem plz help me

Hello, i have an acer laptop and i got a virus in it ,it start but can go further .i tried recovery tools.and last good config setting and many m...

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Files in flash drive appearing as shortcuts

As usual habit I scanned a pendrive and found lots of threat which i deleted......but lost the memory..... but next time i didnt doand opened it.......

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Worm attack!!!


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.5.5 all the files and folders in my external hard drives have converted to shortcuts with .scr e...

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Create a shortcut on ms word files

Hello, can u tell me how can recover my document file in office 10 ,those convert the .doc file to screensaver file . plz help me..... Conf...

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Program's on computer not responding

Hi my son's computer which he uses for gaming has stopped responding on the desktop. Neither the tool bar or the shortcuts to program's are working . ...

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Losing connection

i have an aspire 5349 now i had just gone through a problem that the laptop would not turn on for like 10 days now its back on and when i connect to t...

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Files on xternal drive have changd to shortcuts with windows.ini

Hello, Files on external drive have changed to shortcuts and the originals ones are hidden. there is also a file named windows.ini all these s...

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Rahul'svirus protection.vbe


Hi , Can someone reply for the error after booting the system I am getting "con not find script file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\Rahul'sVirusprotection.Vb...

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Crss.exe virus

Hello, Somebody help me pls. I have a crss.exe virus and it totally absorbs one Processor core. Then my PC slows down. I cannot kill it...If i run...

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Virus damaged memory card


Hello, I cannot view pics on my camera card on any PC or at walmart photo machine, BUT I can view them in the camera. I tried connecting the camera...

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Remove external harddrive shortcut

Hello, Awhile back I got a virus which turns all of the folders on my external hard drives into shortcuts whenever I plugged them in. So I purchas...

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Usb problem

Hello, I wish that some body can help me in this issue , all my word document icons in the USB appear with an internet icon instead of the word icon,...

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Start menu subitems are missing

Hello, I had the Windows XP Recovery virus. It seems to be gone now, and I've restored most of my desktop items and icons. However, the second l...

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magic star

Online scam


Hello, ARE THIS SCAMMERS i write requesting the above eail address has been sending me emails requesting to assist the above in transfering her fa...

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Files on external drive changed to shortcuts

Hello, My external hard disk somehow not working. When i double click on external hard disk icon, it is taking to a window where shortcut is crea...

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How remove my hidden file in memory card.

Hello, sir how to recover my hidden files in external memory card .in that all files are showing but it is not playing. Any video or musi...

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Zohaib R

Folders external drive changed to shortcuts


Hello, Folders in my external drive changed to shortcuts and could not open. I tried using cmd prompt " attrib -h -r -s /s /d d:\*.*" but it ga...

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Howw to delete autorun.inf virus files


Hello, im using avast antivirus which is updated thru update files cos I dont have internet..even though whenever I insert a pen drive or any other ...

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Google 404 error nginx fix - this one works!!


I have just spent about 3 hours on this malware issue that misdirected my browser when attempting to go to my home page at, thus giving me ...

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Flash drive is in shortcut

Hello, Guys i really need your help. Please help me. I encounter a seriously problem on, in my flash drive ahmmp all my files is been shortcut i did ...

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Suspecting to have a virus


Hello, I have been using small office suite since 2 years and i was quiet happy with it as i never had any issue of viruses or spyware.. until re...

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Please how can i download free anti virus

Hello, please how can i download free anti virus thanks in advance Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9.0

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How to delete virus "autorun.inf" for su


Hello, To whom who might help me (Mr. Ali ?) It seems that I have succeeded to get rid of virus "autorun.inf" by downloading, updating, and running ...

Last reply on 24 Feb 2013 by
mr. ripjaws04

Copying usb problem

Hello, I am Chinmaya and I am having a problem with my USB. The link to my ZHPDiag report is: There you g...

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My c drive free space keeps going down


Hello, please i need help :( my c drive size keeps going down fast even without downloading or putting anything on the drive i think it a v...

Last reply on 10 Feb 2013 by
sarah rock & roll

Unable to access any exefiles on my computer


Hello, I have a serious situation. When I try to open the internet or anything related I get a message that says do I want to run or save this prog...

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Unable to open some files and folders

Hello, i know this thread was discontinued along time ago, i just hope someone reads this and has some useful information to help me with. I've tr...

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