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  • Trouble logging onto my old desktop with windows xp pro Closed

    Hello, I'm having trouble logging onto my desktop. I haven't used this computer in years and I can't remember the password or anything and I do no...

    ritchie2417 | Latest reply: ritchie2417 Dec 20, 2012
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  • Help! BSOD Closed

    Hello, Can somebody please help me? Have tried google which led me to attempt Run: cmd, sfc :/scannow, chkdsk etc. I know nothing about compute...

    Al W | Latest reply: DavidStanely5 Dec 19, 2012
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  • How to download Windows xp sp3 Closed

    Hello, How can I download windows xp sp3 Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 23.0.1271.97

    jaishiv | Latest reply: Zohaib R Dec 19, 2012
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  • XP startup prob: blue screen, reboot, repeat Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am new here, and I'm desperate for some help with my Windows XP Pro machine. (I think I'm running SP2, but I can't be 100% sure; it's been...

    hepdoll | Latest reply: dilk Dec 18, 2012
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  • no sound after installing windows xp professi Solved/Closed

    Hello, I've installed windows xp professional on my systemax computer but there is no sound, it says driviers are missing or sound card is being used...

    jrinlouisiana | Latest reply: nospher Dec 11, 2012
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  • installing xp Closed

    Hello, please my pentium II system does not allow me to install xp operating system on Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 7.0

    macella | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 5, 2012
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  • Windows will not start due to error message Closed

    Hello, I am getting an error when I start my computer: A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your compute...

    dgerdin41 | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 3, 2012
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  • idm with days to expire Solved/Closed

    Hello, please my internet download manager has given me some time to register.can i please get an idm that can keep long without asking me to register...

    gilbert afriyie | Latest reply: Gilbert Dec 2, 2012
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  • about the folder hidden file how to recover Closed

    Hello, how to recover the hidden folder in logic driver 20gb is hidden in my hard disk Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 16.0

    chintu2504 | Latest reply: iqbal88 Nov 29, 2012
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  • Hard Disk not found During XP Installation Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to install XP in Japanese Toshiba Laptop. But During installation There is no hard disk show in which to install XP.

    AjayGupta | Latest reply: SAM Nov 29, 2012
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  • Network Controller Driver ?! Closed

    Hi, recently I reformatted my other computer to a Windows XP and now a whole bunch of drivers are out of whack. However my main concern is the network...

    Nick123X | Latest reply: ralphmark Nov 27, 2012
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  • difficulties in turning the laptop n, frozen desktop Closed

    Hello, my second computer is a 7 year old laptop with windows xp. It has been working properly until this morning. As soon as I turned the power o...

    athinea49 | Latest reply: athinea49 Nov 25, 2012
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  • how to reformat hp pavillion dv600 in windows xp Closed

    I have an hp laptop that is full of viruses adwere and spywere i am trying to format the computer but everytime i boot off the disk i get to the insta...

    djlanz | Latest reply: djlanz Nov 22, 2012
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  • problems with my acer m1610 Closed

    Hello, would someone please advise me on what to do,i have an acer aspire m1610 which did have windows 7 on but i put windows xp on it instead it ...

    bud1658 | Latest reply: bud1658 Nov 22, 2012
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  • Windows XP service power packs Closed

    Hello, please give sites where i can download Windows XP service power packs. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 6.0.2

    Oyeleke | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 21, 2012
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  • Can I download to a disc what I need to enable windowsXP to play Closed

    Hello, I now know that it can be done.I am wanting to download the material so as to enable the widows XP unit to play DVDs on one of the two DVD play...

    Rodneys son | Latest reply: Rodneys son Nov 19, 2012
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  • Laptop not booting Closed

    Hello, i impatiently removed my laptop charger and the battery imediately because i wanted it to switch off early,and now it only shows me start up me...

    Dx Slam | Latest reply: Dx Slam Nov 17, 2012
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  • how to delete a line from a txt file after parsing it Closed

    Hello, i have a bat file which creates a new txt file to del a line from old txt file and renames the new to old.but the apparent size of the old f...

    kvinvisibleguy | Latest reply: kvinvisibleguy Nov 15, 2012
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  • Unable To Boot From New Hard Disk Solved/Closed

    Hello, My Name Is Suresh. I Have A PC with intel p4 processor of 2.6 Ghz. and 500gb Hard disk, and 1Gb of Ram. the problem is my pc not bootin...

    sureshdiddukuri | Latest reply: Zohaib R Nov 14, 2012
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  • windows Closed

    Hello, the Add/Remove] Programs icon is missing in Control Panel

    binit puidas... | Latest reply: Zohaib R Nov 11, 2012
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  • setup win xp in win 7 Closed

    Hello, I have installed windows 7 first time. Now i want to installe xp. But i not ablle to it. all time gives blue screen and says F drive corr...

    suprio | Latest reply: suprio Nov 10, 2012
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  • My Windows XP not recognize any memory device Solved/Closed

    Hello, My Windows XP not recognize any memory devices (installed on my notebook Acer 4720), like pen drives, memory cards, etc... I tried a lot of ...

    Dario | Latest reply: thestonecrusher Nov 9, 2012
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  • installing XP SP3 on Acer Aspire one 150 Solved/Closed

    Hello, I had big problems with my OS on my tiny Acer Aspire one 150 and it seems at last I deleted "everything" from it. I tried to install XP SP3 O...

    nickpendar | Latest reply: dleg6380 Nov 6, 2012
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  • Which Service/Process Keeps Restarting My PC Daily? Closed

    The computers we use at my job run Windows XP Professional. The computers restart at exactly the same time each morning at 5am. What I'm trying to do ...

    LanceX | Latest reply: LanceX Nov 6, 2012
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    Hello, NEED DVD CODEC FOR WIN XP AND MEDIA PLAYER 9 Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0

    rickb | Latest reply: Zohaib R Nov 5, 2012
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  • Unable to Start a Program with an .exe File Extension Closed

    Hello, Unable to Start a Program with an .exe File Extension using xp os, how can i fix this? thanks. Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 22.0.12...

    Nubian Man | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 5, 2012
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  • dell drivers for n5010 Closed

    Hello, hai i want to require dell inspiron n5010 drivers which supports windows xp operating system plz issue link or address for that one Conf...

    kveeresh548 | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 1, 2012
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  • Blue Screen prevents xp sp2 installation Closed

    Hello, Everyone, I have a Dell D600 laptop on windows xp sp3 and I was trying to re install the whole OS to get rid of the blue screen error...

    SelfCompNerd | Latest reply: james Nov 1, 2012
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  • enter cod3 : proplem ?? Closed

    Hello, i have avery big proplem nw in my pc , last night I just install a win xp sp3. after 2 hours it restarts automatically at I see screen in rus...

    elmancy77 | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 31, 2012
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  • security certificate problems Closed

    Hello, I have suddenly had a problem with security certificate problems when I try to go go websites that I had no problems with before. This started...

    HarryBMoore | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 29, 2012
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  • xp auto log off Solved/Closed

    Hello, ive recently hit a snag, my windows xp boots up as usual to the log on screen, as soon as I imput my password, windows will play the log on so...

    wooty | Latest reply: somedude Oct 26, 2012
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  • BSOD when installing Windows XP Closed

    Hello all! I've run into a problem and I hope you can help me with it. My computer is running Ubuntu 12.10 and I was to replace it with Windows XP. I...

    Polydeuces | Latest reply: Polydeuces Oct 26, 2012
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  • Internet Explorer 9 for Windows XP Solved/Closed

    Hello, Can I get Internet Explorer 9 for Windows XP?

    worlas | Latest reply: aquarelle Oct 24, 2012
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  • Windows XP Professional: Missing/Corrupt OS File: No Disc Drive Closed

    Hello, When I attempt to start my Lenovo ThinkPad X100e (laptop) I get the error message: Windows could not start because the following file is...

    mugloklin | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 22, 2012
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  • how can i recover my folder after system formatting Solved/Closed

    Hello, Friends I recently formatted my system.can I recover my personal folder which was on desktop. please help me-- Configuration: Windows X...

    soni17177 | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 21, 2012
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  • explorer 8 is not uninstslling Solved/Closed

    Hello, friends,my desktop configuration is Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0, i have a broadband connection for state treasury which website is inb...

    soni17177 | Latest reply: soni17177 Oct 18, 2012
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  • about window xp Closed

    Hello, sir i wanna know how to corrupt window xp as soon as possible. and i also wanna know what happen in window troubleshoot........??????????? ...

    bantha | Latest reply: bantha Oct 16, 2012
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  • I need to install Operating System using pendrive Closed

    Hello, hai , I need to install operating system in my pc using pendrive, because i dont have cd drive, so please give me your suggestions

    arjuna4micro... | Latest reply: gmunge007 Oct 16, 2012
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  • Install windows XP on Dell N5030 Closed

    Hello, How can I install Windows XP on my new laptop which is running Windows 7 Also is it necessary to delete Windows 7 first. Thankyou Co...

    OakieCoakie | Latest reply: OakieCoakie Oct 15, 2012
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  • Taskbar and Icons disappearing on XP Solved/Closed

    Hello, As with several other people, I too have a blank XP desktop missing the icons and the taskbar (wallpaper is present though). At one point s...

    goldtop | Latest reply: sid Oct 10, 2012
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  • Hi Expert, I have windows XP with a Ghost "H" Drive installed. T Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 14.0.1 Hi Expert, I have windows XP with a Ghost "H" Drive installed. This "H" Drive has 187GB ...

    phukim_cai | Latest reply: Zohaib R Oct 6, 2012
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  • About windows installer ver 3.1 and windows xp 2002 sp 2 Closed

    Hello, My operating system Windows XP 2002 Service pack 2. I have installed some software which says it needs windows installer 3.1. Now I am...

    Badar | Latest reply: Zohaib R Oct 5, 2012
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  • Windows xp 2 install in blue screen error Closed

    Hello, I have recently purchased a new Sony Vaio E series laptop -vpcegwefxb/2.20G i3, and desperately want to install windows xp pro onto it. Ple...

    dipak | Latest reply: sandy007 Oct 3, 2012
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  • Win Xp not loading in Virtualbox Closed

    Hello, I have trouble with the win xp virtualbox. The win xp in virtualbox was working till yesterday. Today it was not working. I tried selecting...

    robienyshe | Latest reply: bitnami Sep 28, 2012
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  • Xp Black Screen, tryin to save files Closed

    Hello, Ok so here we go, ive done some extensive searching on the web, (thank God for PS3) and I have found this issue to be a common issue, but m...

    kingdusty | Latest reply: bitnami Sep 28, 2012
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  • EnPower CPU/WIn XP OS/New RAM Card Closed

    Anyone out there know how I can reset this CPU which is stuck in a Re-Boot Loop mode? I put a DDR RAM Card in this thing and monitor didn't work. Then...

    daikin | Latest reply: Ambucias Sep 27, 2012
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  • to copy xp to pendrive Closed

    Hello, i want to boot xp os to my desktop using the pendrive. how to do it Thanks Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.6.13

    harishnt | Latest reply: rekhasree Sep 18, 2012
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  • WIN XP Wipe/Reinstall Closed

    Help. Hi! My problem is that I am unable to install my WIN XP system onto a wiped hard drive. After successfully wiping a borrowed hard drive whi...

    piglette | Latest reply: xpcman Sep 16, 2012
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  • SATA Drive not detected while installing XP Closed

    Hello, I did some research and saw that if We change the BIOS setting to IDE we can istall the XP. But problem i have is in BIOS the option to ...

    aripallig | Latest reply: xpcman Sep 11, 2012
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  • about windows xp from usb Closed

    Hello, I'm resolve problem about xp on usb , thanks Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 14.0.1

    valerineo | Latest reply: Ambucias Sep 2, 2012
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