Increase followers on Instagram: free, organically, tricks

Increase followers on Instagram: free, organically, tricks

In this article we will present you with some simple, free and legal advice so that you can multiply your Instagram popularity and get more followers on Instagram that are genuinely interested in the content on your account.

What are your Instagram goals?

If you are clear about your goal, you can reach it. Create a simple plan where you can write down these four simple goals

  • What are you representing in your Profile?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What are your strengths? 
  • What is your objective? 

How accurate is your profile?

Once you’ve answered these four questions, review your Instagram profile with these specific goals in mind. It it very important that you consider the following factors:

  • Your profile picture should be attractive and reflect the person or object that you are presenting clearly. This photo is your first impression. If the public doesn’t like or understand the message they probably won’t continue to look at the rest of your profile. Take some time to select the right image, or even create a logo, and edit it using an editing program.

  • Explain in one sentence who you are, what you do, what your company stands for or why your product is the best.

  • Write a good biography: in the description you should be able to answer the five questions on your road map. It is very important that the information is clear but also that it is read fluently and, above all, without any spelling mistakes. Be careful! A trick, with a Text Generator you can customize the font and make your text stand out from the rest.

  • Add a link or a means of contact for anyone who wants to know more about you or your brand.

What is your publishing schedule?

Publishing content regularly is essential to attract new followers. Who wants to follow a profile that is dead and inactive? Instagram users have a thirst for new things, which is why it's so important that your stories, as well as frequent ones, are original. Strive to offer something different, and if you lack inspiration, take a tour of the web to get inspired.

The times you publish are also very important, think about the times when your audience is most likely to connect. There are applications that allow you to schedule your posts so that they come out at the most interesting time, one of them is Hootsuite.

Don't forget that there are templates for Instagram, it's a lifesaver for moments when inspiration is really below zero. Still, if you make an effort, you'll see that originality is rewarded. You can also use applications that offer customizable templates, like Envato.

What are some tips to increase Instagram followers?

  • Take Good Photos

Instagram is a very visual platform, if you are not posting high-quality photos, people will quickly lose interest in your account. We have even written a guide on how to take good Instagram photos for some helpful tips.

  • Improve Your Visibility

Your visibility on the network depends on the Instagram algorithm. The more people who view, like or share your publication, the more the Instagram algorithm will like you. This visibility is exponential. Therefore, to make yourself visible, the first thing you need is frequent and striking publications, as mentioned above, but also accuracy.

  • Carefully consider your text

If you don't need to include boring text, quantity is not synonymous with quality. Your audience wants to see what it's all about as quickly as possible.

  • Use hashtags

Carefully choose the hashtags you use. If you have a lot of followers you might want to use the most popular hashtags at that time. If you have less than 4,000 followers, we recommend that you bet on more original hashtags, this way you won't have as much competition.

For example, if you have a cooking profile and you want to publish a flan recipe, obviously when users type the hashtag #flan the most popular accounts will appear and your proposal will be lost among the crowd. If, on the other hand, you have more original ideas, then a unique hashtag may help you stand out.

Another trick is to try to keep track (even if mentally) of the hashtags that work best for you, i.e. which ones you like best.

Beware of forbidden hashtags! If you use one of them you can get penalties, on IQ Hashtags you can check which ones are not allowed.

  • Add a location

Adding the location to your posts will multiply the chances of it being viewed, as there may be people searching by location.

  • Use Insights

I'm sure there are many people who see your publications but don't follow you. Or who stopped following you. To get an idea of who these users are and what they are interested in there are several applications, one of them is REPORTS+. You can also use Instagram Insights to keep track of how well the content you are publishing does, who your audience is, and when the best times to post are. 

  • Live Video

Live video is one of the most interesting tools. If the content of your Live Video is good, you might catch them as followers.

  • Link to other social networks

Echo your Instagram activity on other social networks. You can even schedule your Instagram posts to be published on Facebook, for example.

  • ID Cards

The ID card is like your Instagram business card. It consists of a code, which can be automatically generated or can be customized, and can be included in brochures, programs, packaging, event programs, etc. By scanning this code the interested person will automatically follow the account.

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