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iPad - View and edit the bookmarks bar in Safari

iPad is one of the premier tablets available on the market today. Safari is a web browser that can be used to surf the internet on an iPad. To make their internet experience even faster and more engaging, users have the flexibility to customize their bookmarks in Safari. One can easily view and edit bookmarks in this browser by accessing the application settings. The settings should be chosen in such a way that the bookmarks bar is always visible. This will give quick access to all of the user's favorite websites in one go. Users can also add favorite sites to the Quick Launch bookmarks.

When you browse the internet with Safari on your iPad, you sometimes want to add your favorite sites so that you can consult them more quickly and easily.

On Safari, you have a bookmarks bar that allows you to do just that. Let's see how to view and edit the bookmarks bar in Safari iPad:
  • Go to the application settings
  • Once in the Settings menu, click Safari and choose Always show bookmarks bar
  • Once this is done, exit the Settings application and start the Safari application. Visit the website of your choice. In our case we will choose the site iPad. Once on the site, press the small arrow in a box Add Bookmark. (See image below)
  • You can rename the site or edit the URL if you wish. With the bookmarks bar on iPad, you can either view your favorites in the Bookmark bar or create specific folders for classification
  • If you decide to add your favorite site in the Quick Launch bar bookmarks, click Bookmarks Bar
  • Your site is now accessible from the Bookmarks Bar of your iPad.

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