Google Meet extension for Chrome: grid view, attendance

Google Meet extension for Chrome: grid view, attendance

Google Meet, Google's new HQ video calling application, has become very popular in recent months for its versatility and the quality of calls. However, it is true that its functions may be somewhat limited in certain contexts. In this article we'll show you some of the best extensions that have come along to enhance the initial features of Google Meet.

Meet Plus

Meet Plus is one of the most complete extensions for Google Meet, as it includes numerous features that round out the basic Meet possibilities. For example, it allows your availability in the app (such as whether you're online, busy, or away) or to customize your status with a phrase. It also includes new emojis, allows you to share a whiteboard in real-time, etc.

Grid View

The Google Meet video call app allows you to invite up to 250 participants, but of course, that makes it difficult to find out who is speaking at particularly large meetings. Grid View, however, allows you to see everyone in a grid, choose how the person speaking is highlighted, and so on. This extension has become one of the most downloaded for Meet.

Push to Talk

Push to Talk is a simple but a very useful tool that allows you to activate your microphone at the touch of a button. This function is really practical, since normally in meetings everyone has the microphone muted to not create echoes and noises that make it difficult to hear the speaker. However, for the same reason, often you can miss a speaking turn before activating the microphone.

Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet

With the rise of video calls for work purposes, we've all been forced to improvise home offices. With virtual backgrounds, you can create a fully professional wallpaper tailored to your meeting, whether it's serious or casual, and all without the need for a green chroma key.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects is an extended version of the previous plug-in, as it not only allows you to choose wallpapers, but also to apply numerous visual effects to your image while chatting in Meet. For example, you can flip your image, pixelate the background, blur it, change the colors and light, include text, etc… Endless possibilities!

Meet Attendance

If you use Meet mainly for professional meetings, the Assistance plugin can be very useful for you, as it allows you to keep track of meeting attendance by means of a spreadsheet in which you record the attendees and the time they were present.

Disable Adding People

This plugin has a specific function that it allows you to decide who can add people to the virtual meeting. It can be very handy when you host an online public event (eg conference or a public talk) and you want to control the attendance of the meeting so it doesn’t become crazy and uncontrollable. With Disable Adding People extension you can decide who can and cannot invite other participants.


The last but not least is the super useful extension for keeping track of everything that has been said in a meeting or an interview, as it makes live transcripts of the interactions between the participants. This way, everyone can follow the agenda, and even if you are late or have to be absent, you can still keep up with the day. And of course, it's also very handy for summarizing the content of meetings, seeing which excerpts are most interesting if you want to publish them, etc. You can save the transcripts to Google Drive or download them directly to your pc.

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