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Word - Automatically replace abbreviations/Aliases

It is possible, when writing a Word document, to automatically replace an abbreviation or alias by a particular word:


In the example below, if you type "CPU", it will be automatically replaced by "Central Processing Unit".
  • In the standard bar go to Tools
  • Go to AutoCorrect Options
  • Check the correction as you type
  • In theReplace field, type: CPU (syntax does not matter)
  • In theWith field, type : Central Processing Unit
  • Click on the Add button and click OK

As from now on, when writing the text,if the word CPU is entered followed by a stroke on the space bar, it will be automatically replaced by Central Processing Unit.

This manipulation can be performed on the fly:
  • Go to AutoCorrect Options
  • The word should be already in the cell
  • We have to put in the cell you want to replace the abbreviation
  • Finally, click on the Add button and click OK

Note that:

  • These abbreviations are stored in the dictionary of Microsoft Office, and are available for any other Word document or Excel file on your computer.
  • You can also create abbreviations for Excel.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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