How to Remove Hyperlinks from a Word Document

Hyperlinks are useful for computing as they act as a reference point for data. By clicking on a hyperlink, the user is automatically directed to the data's location within the file. When text is copied from a website onto Office software like a Word document, naturally the hyperlinks of the text also appear. However these can be removed easily. To do this, one either needs to right-click on the copied text with hyperlinks and remove them, or else one can use the Ctrl key. Follow the guide below.

When you copy text from a website and paste it in Microsoft Word, the hyperlink(s) it contains will also be copied. To remove the hyperlink from the text, you need to right-click on the latter and select Remove hyperlink from the context menu:

If the text contains multiple links, you can remove them in one go using the following procedure, select the entire text by pressing CTRL + A or highlight the section of the text you want to edit using your mouse:

Then press CTRL + SHIFT + F9, to remove all hyperlinks.

Both of the methods described above have the same limitation. When you remove the hyperlink from the select text, the latter will still appear in blue. A simple solution is to use the Paste Special > Keep Text Only option to remove all formatting from the copied text:

If the Paste Special option is not displayed by default when you paste content in your Word document, then go to the File menu > Word Options > Advanced > Cut, Copy and Paste and tick the Show Paste Options checkbox.

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