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How to make an optimal use of your Android smartphone?

The installation and execution of multiple applications on the Android smartphone can slow its operation. How to avoid this and make an optimal use of your Android mobile?

The Android application manager

Android's built-in Application Manager allows you to quickly view all the applications installed on the smartphone and those running in the background.
To access the Application Manager:
  • Select "Settings".
  • Scroll to the "Device".
  • Select the "Application Manager".

This Application Manager allows you to perform several actions, such as:
  • View the storage space occupied by each application.
  • Manually uninstall apps.
  • Identify resource-intensive applications.
  • Force app to quit
  • Move app to your memory card.

Useful applications to optimize your Android smartphone

AVG Unistaller

This free app will tell the users which app they can uninstall to free up memory on their smartphone and improve overall performance.

Super Optimizer

This application offers serveral practical tools to identify and close applications that consume memory and battery.

Best Practices

  • Do not download applications from unknown publishers: read reviews, the number of downloads and the overall score. Some applications may contain viruses.
  • Download an antivirus: Avast as to scan the contents of the memory card and new downloaded applications.

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