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Convert PDF to Word

When you receive a file saved in PDF format, you can quickly and easily convert it to a Word file. Doing so will allow you to modify the text, images, or graphics present in the original PDF file with ease. This FAQ will walk you through this process.

Using Word

Microsoft Word allows you to convert easily convert PDFs to Word. Open a blank Word document, and click File > Open.

Next, select your PDF document. A message wil appear letting you know that Word is loading a PDF document. Click OK.

Simply save the document using the .doc or .docx format.

Free Software

There are several free programs available online that allow you to convert your PDF files to other formats, including Word's .doc format.

Free PDF to Word Converter

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter is free and easy to use. One of it's biggest selling points is the fact that, using this program, you can choose to convert an entire document to a Word doc, or you can simply select a portion of it to convert.

Solid Converter

Solid Converter offers a similar service to the one offered by Free PDF to Word Converter. However, its free version only last 15 days, making it an ideal solution for those looking to convert once, and not continually.

PDF Converter

PDF Converter is a shareware that allows you to convert PDF files to a range of formats while maintaining the integrity and content of the original file. With this software, you can modify the text, formatting, and graphics in the document and you can also extract images to save in good quality:


When you launch the software, you will notice on the right of the interface all of the necessary options to convert and modify your PDF files. You can also choose to customize the conversion using the options available or preserve the formatting present in the original document. You can also choose the number of pages that you would like to convert, the size of the PDF, or whether you would like to merge PDF files:


Finally, you are able to preview the result of the conversion before you save it.

Online Converters

Some websites, like Online2PDF and Free PDF Convert, give you the ability to convert PDF files to Word documents for free. However, many of them limit your conversions by quantity or number or pages. Oftentimes, you will need to subscribe to a premium service to unlock all features.

Image: © Oleksandr Yuhlchek - Shutterstock.com

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