Firefox - How to change the location of the temporary files folder

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Firefox - How to change the location of the temporary files folder

Changing the location of Firefox's temporary files folder can be useful when your PC is equipped with a small SSD (60GB). Moving the temporary folder to another drive will help to prevent frequent writing on the SSD.

Change the location of the temporary files folder

Create a folder on the drive you want to use and name it as: Firefox_temp
  • Open Firefox.
  • Type the following in the address bar: about:config
  • Press enter to confirm
  • Search for the following entry: browser.cache.disk.parent_directory
  • If you can't find this entry, create it:
  • Name it as: browser.cache.disk.parent_directory
  • Right-click > New > String
  • A window opens, type the following:
    • H:\\Firefox_temp\\
  • Where H is the drive containing the new temporary folder.
  • Close all windows and restart the browser.
  • Clean your PC using CCleaner or Wise Disk cleaner.
  • Given that the temporary files are now stored on another drive, some softwares won't be able to clear them.
  • You can manually clear the temp folder by going to H:\\Firefox_temp\\

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