How to Create a Group Chat in Viber

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Viber gives you the ability to invite other people to join one your conversations. It is the first step in creating a group conversation on Viber. There's no limit to the number of groups you can create on Viber and each of them can have up 200 participants, you can for example create a group to communicate with your colleagues within the context of a teamwork situation or to keep in touch with your close friends and family. Besides the ability to send text messages, group conversations gives you access to other features of the Viber app such as the sharing of photos, videos and doodles.

How to create a group conversation

Creating Group in Viber is really easy and can be achieved in a couple of steps:

Open Viber and tap on the Add People button:

The Select Contacts screen shall open, tap to select the participants you want to add to the group. Once selected their profile pictures will be displayed at the top of your screen. Tap on Done to create the group:

How to customize the group name, icon and background

You can easily change the name of a group into something which is more meaningful (default name: Group). Swipe your finger across the group conversation screen to access the group settings. Tap on Group Name and edit your settings.

Tap on Group Icon, you can either choose a photo from your gallery or take a picture using the camera of your device. Finally tap on Background and select a background for your group conversation:

It should be noted that these settings can be individually edited for each of your groups

How to add or delete participants

As the group admin, you perform the following actions:

-Nominate other group admins
-Add or remove participants.

Open the group settings, tap and hold on a participant to edit his status:

How to leave or delete groups

It should be noted that groups can be deleted by any user. A will group continues to exist until all the participants leave. You can leave a group by deleting its corresponding conversation:

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