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Mirror an iOS Device to a Windows PC

Apple's AirPlay technology enables you to mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to other AirPlay compatible devices. But if you would like to take advantage of this technology on a Windows PC, additional steps are required. This guide will teach you how to emulate AirPlay on a Windows PC.

How To Emulate AirPlay on a Windows PC

Windows doesn't provide native support for the AirPlay protocol, but you can use a software (AirPlay receiver) such as Reflector 3 or LonelyScreen to emulate AirPlay on your computer.

Enable AirPlay with Reflector 3

Open Reflector 3 and select the Try Reflector 3 option to activate your free 7-day trial.

Reflector 2 will create a shortcut in the Windows taskbar. Right-click on the shortcut and select Settings > Show Preferences:

Go to the General tab and select a Broadcast Name:

Next, head to the Connection tab and select the desired AirPlay Resolution:

Now go to the Advanced tab and enable AirPlay:

Click on Apply > OK to enable AirPlay on your computer.

Enable AirPlay with LonelyScreen

LonelyScreen is a free application that will transform your computer into an AirPlay receiver - no complex configuration is required.

Launch the program, select a server name and click on Save to enable AirPlay on your computer:

How To Mirror Your iOS device to a Computer

Once you have installed and configured the desired software on your computer, it's time to connect your computer and iOS device to the same WiFi network. Once done, enable AirPlay on your iOS device and allow it to search for compatible devices.

Select your computer from the list of devices. Toggle the Mirroring option On and wait until the connection is established.

Image © Aleksi Tappura - Unsplash.com


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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