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Convert a Word Document to PDF

Using a PDF instead of a Word document can come in handy for many reasons. PDF documents are preferred for their security, the difficulty with which someone can modify the contents without your permission, and the fact that they generally maintain document formatting. This makes them an ideal format for sharing documents. If you would like to convert a Word document to PDF, this article will walk you through the steps of how to do so.

How To Convert a Word Document to PDF Online

There are many online tools that will help you to convert your Word documents to PDF files quickly and for free. Some of the most popular ones include I Love PDF and Small PDF.

How To Convert a Word Document to PDF in Microsoft Word

One way to convert a word document to PDF is by using Microsoft Word. To do this, open the file that you would like to convert in Word. Next, go to File > Save As...:

In the dialog box that opens, change the File Format to PDF and select where you would like to save the file:

Next, select the type of PDF that you would like to create, depending on whether you plan to use it online or print it out:

Finally, click Export. You should be able to find your new PDF at the location you saved it.

Convert a Word Document to PDF Using OpenOffice

First, open your Word document with OpenOffice. Go to File > Export as PDF > Create PDF. Choose the location where you'd like to save your PDF, rename it, then click Export. You will, then, get a preview of the properties of the PDF file.

The General tab contains the file name of the source document, privacy settings, and more. The Description tab includes data describing the PDF file (i.e. title, subject, keywords, comments, etc.) The User and Internet tabs are optional.

Click OK to finalize the process and save your changes.

Image: © Microsoft.

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