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The Best Tech YouTubers

Youtube is a great resource for hearing about the latest tech news and updates. There are so many different Youtubers that produce excellent tech related content that it can be hard to decide what videos to watch. This article will look at some of the best Tech YouTubers who produce content all across the tech spectrum.

Marques Brownlee

Arguably the biggest Tech related YouTuber is Marques Brownlee (MKBHD). With over 11.5 million subscribers, Marques produces content on up and coming tech releases such as new phones, laptops, gaming computers, console etc. He covers tech news, retro tech and also produces Q&A with some of the biggest names in tech:

Marques has also created videos with Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and even Will Smith!

Ur Avg Consumer

Judner Aura, better known as Ur Avg Consumer (UAC) focuses on producing easy to understand tech videos, breaking down complicated subjects and giving his opinion or a wide range of tech. He reviews smartphones, laptops, cameras, games and more. As of July 2020 UAC has close to 3 million views.

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips aims to make the complicated world of tech a little more simple with their expert advice on consumer technology, product reviews, step-by-step computer build guides and other tech related content. Their focus on producing comprehensive and informative tech content is what helps them standout from the crowded world that is YouTube Tech.

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is another popular Tech YouTube channel. Unbox Therapy focuses on unboxing the latest tech devices, reviews of smartphones and laptops and other tech related content. This is a great channel if you want to see what some high tech products look like, but can't quite afford one yourself. One of their videos went viral with over 72 million views - The iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test, where they show how the iPhone 6 Plus bends in reaction to Apple’s Bendgate.


One of the biggest tech YouTubers, with over 6.5 million followers iJustine makes videos on tech (mobile, laptop, PC) and video games. What distinguishes iJustine from other tech YouTubers is her vlog, where she incorporates travel and cooking! iJustine regularly collaborates with other tech YouTubers to create some really fun content!

The Tech Chap

One of the UK's leading tech YouTube Channels is Tom The Tech Chap. Tom produces videos about laptops, PC and Console gaming, mobile phones among other tech products. He uploads regular videos and is an excellent option if you are looking for tech news or are planning on upgrading your PC.

Dave Lee

Dave Lee primarily produces tech videos on mobile devices, laptops and general tech news. His honest tech reviews and guides can help users decide whether or not they need to buy a certain piece of tech.


Relatively new to the tech video scene (2015), NothingButTech’s, Jacklyn Dallas, is best known for her mobile phone reviews and buying guides. She produces content in order to allow potential buyers to make educated purchases.


TechMe0ut focuses on unboxing videos, product reviews (laptops, phones, headphones and other tech) and general tech tutorials. She produces content for both iOS and Android devices.

Android Authority

Whilst most tech Youtubers cover both iOS and Android products, Android Authority produces very specific and quality videos on all things Android. If you are looking for Android mobile reviews, news and hands on videos, this is your best


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