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Add a WhatsApp Contact with a QR Code

WhatsApp now enables you to add a new contact using just a QR code. This avoids you having to manually enter a person's phone number into your contact list before you can send them a message. Learn how to use this new feature in this article.

How to Enable a Whatsapp Contact to be Added via QR

WhatsApp is continuing to be innovative and will now bypass you having to manually add a person's phone number to your address book before you start communicating with them through the app. This can prove to be a particularly useful feature when you exchange contacts face-to-face at business or social events.

Gaining access to this feature is simple. To get started, open WhatsApp and click on the three-point icon in the upper right hand corner of your mobile screen. Then, in the menu that opens, go to Settings: you will see a QR code icon next to your name. Click on it to open the tool:

The code that appears is your own QR code. This is the screen that you should show to the other person so that they read this code with their phone and save your contact automatically.

How to Add Another Contact via QR

On the same screen that you opened above to see your own QR code, you will see that at the top next to the My Code tab, another tab appears, Scan Code. If you click on it, a QR code reader will open and you will be able to scan the code of the person you want to add. When you activate this option, your camera will be activated so that you can place the code you want to scan into the highlighted box in the image:

After reading it, a window appears identifying the number and name of the user. Tap on the green button to confirm that you want to save the contact. You will now have the phone number registered in your phonebook and it will also be available in your WhatsApp list of contacts:

Image: © bloomua - 123RF.com

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