Protect WhatsApp account: with password, fingerprint

Protect WhatsApp account: with password, fingerprint

Your WhatsApp account could be hacked, leaving your data stolen, conversations seen, and files and passwords vulnerable to thieves. How can this happen? Hackers don't require physical access to your phone, instead, they can install spyware. In this article, we'll show you how to keep safe on WhatsApp with a password and with a fingerprint.

Can you protect your WhatsApp account with a password? 

Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn't have a feature that allows you to lock the app or any given messages with a password, as is explained on the WhatsApp help center. However, depending on your device, you may be able to use biometrics, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition to protect your account. 

How to protect WhatsApp on iPhone with biometrics?

The iOS version of WhatsApp allows you to protect your account with a fingerprint or facial recognition (if your phone includes this technology). To do this, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock. A screen will open where you will see the options to secure your access, Touch ID or Face recognition. Activate the option and choose the length of time required until it is asked again. It can be immediate, 1 minute, 15 minutes, or 1 hour later:

WhatsApp password setup
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How to add a password for WhatsApp on Android?

If you're using WhatsApp on Android, download an application locker, such as App Lock. With this, you will have the option to add a password to protect your apps. 

  • Download AppLock on your phone
  • Open AppLock and set up passwords for specific apps that you want to restrict access to. 
  • Then you will need to give AppLock permission to open when selecting another app.
  • You can then select the app you want to lock with a passcode and then press the lock button. 
  • You should receive a confirmation note that the app has been locked, and then try to use the passcode to re-open it. 
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